Checking around, no one had any clothing as good as I needed. Not to be defeated by such a small task, I changed again into a cliffracer and flew north to Tel Mora.

My luck changed for the better there, as the clothier there had some really great merchandise for sale. I also found a really, really nice outfit for Laurenna. I knew I'd have to make it up for her not being able to go shopping with me on this trip. It was expensive, but well worth it.    


I quickly flew back to Savile Imayn with the clothing she had requested. She was most impressed.

"These are perfect." she said. "Hold on to them for a bit. Give them to me after you've bought her. I need a little more time to coach Falura to play the part of a high-born Telvanni lady." She thought for a moment, then continued, "I know just the thing we need! Go get a bottle of Telvanni Bug Musk perfume! Try the Apothecary here or the one in Tel Mora. That will make Falura completely irresistible."

I know about Telvanni Bug Musk - very strong stuff. So strong, in fact, you'd fall in love with an Ork, if one were wearing enough of it.

A quick check of the local drug store turned up the required perfume, so at least I didn't have to make a long journey for this little bottle.

Savile was pleased. "You have the bug musk?" she asked. "Good. Don't give it to me. You'll give it to her when you have bought her."

We haggled price a little bit, mainly for all the coaching and training given to have the girl give the appearance of a high-born Telvanni.     


I received the key to unlock Falura's cage. She greeted me with a most gracious curtsey.

"Yes, sera," she said, "Falura Llervu of Velothis Haven, daughter of Andrano Llervu, Lord of Tel Llervu, pleased to make your acquaintance." She smiled, proud of herself. "See? Savile Imayn has taught me well. I shall BE a high-born Telvanni lady, and no one will know the difference. Just like a lady."

I asked her about how she felt about this whole situation.

"I admit," she replied, "I am a little anxious about marrying an Ashlander, even a chief, but anything is better than being a slave, and I am very tough and smart, and determined to make the best of my chances."

I smiled. "I have some gifts for you." I said. I presented her with the clothing and perfume.

"Oh, sera!" she exclaimed, "These clothes! They are divine! Such a perfume! Only the very, very rich can afford this!"

She gave me a big bearhug! "I shall do everything I can to please you and my new master - that is, my gracious lord and husband-to-be. Come! I am so excited, I cannot wait!"

I guess she liked the outfit.   


I decided not to keep the girl waiting.

She put on her new outfit, and we headed back to the camp.


I decided that the shortest distance was directly back to the coastline. Since Falura didn't know any waterwalking spells, we'd have to swim.

I used a spell to summon a broadsword, and we jumped into the water. The sword came in handy, as there were a number of slaughterfish that tried to attack us.

After all the trouble I had gone through to find this bride, I certainly didn't want to have her end up as fishfood.


It didn't take us long to make it back to the Grazelands. We dried everything off, and continued our journey back to the camp.


The sky remained gloomy and overcast, but at least the rain finally stopped.

Several blighted creatures tried to attack us, so I had to keep my summoned weapons at the ready. I was so glad I had the 'Ring of Weapons' enchanted.

So was Falura.


By the time we arrived back at the Zainab camp, the sun had broken through the clouds, and the air was filled with the sweet smell of wickwheat.

I found Laurenna outside, playing with some of the children.

"You actually found...."

"Yes, uh, I actually did." I replied, with a sly wink. "Excuse us, please, while I introduce the bride to her husband."


"Yes, sera, we are here safely." she said, "And this fine man, he is to be my bridegroom?"

"Lady Llervu," I said, "My I present Ashkhan Kaushad, leader of the Zainab peoples."

I was trying to lay it on as thick as I could. I was hoping they'd like each other.

"He is very distinguished-looking, isn't he?" she said, looking over her prize. "A bit severe, perhaps, but the lines on his face, there, show that he likes to smile. Oh, sera, I think I will be very happy."

I was happy with that response.

"Kaushad," I said, "I have returned with your bride-to-be."

"This is my new bride?" he asked. He looked her over, head to toe, circling her, enjoying the view. "I am very pleased with your gift, Eldorf," he said, "though she is not so generous in the hips as I would like."

Oh, for the love of.......

"However, I promise to make her a happy bride, and to do her honor as a high-born Telvanni lady."

Oh, thank goodness.

"And, as I have said," he continued, "I will now name you Zainab Nerevarine, War Leader of the Zainab, and Protector of the People. I must also give you the Zainab Thong, an enchanted heirloom of the tribe, which shall be a sign to all Dunmer that the Zainab have named you Nerevarine."

I breathed a sign of relief. 3 of the 4 tribes had given me the title of Nerevarine. I had just one more to go - the Erabenimsun tribe, and from what I had heard, they would be the hardest of all to convince.



















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