We walked for hours, sometimes losing our way in the blinding storm. We encountered one deadly creature after another, each suffering a different form of blight disease. One form of daedra after another tried to attack us. On a number of occasions, only my Wall of Fire spell saved us from certain death.

Finally, in the distance, we could see the outline of the canton of Molag-Mar.


As much as we both really wanted to stop and rest, I really wanted to get to the Telasero stronghold, and teleport north to report my progress on the Fifth Trial, and this would be the fastest way to do it.

Sadly, and much to Laurenna's dismay, we walked right past the stilt strider, and continued on westward.


Finally, after a half dozen cliffracers and 20 or 30 rats, we finally arrived at Telasero.

I could barely make out it's outline in the ashstorm.


The propylon chamber was dimly lit, but the arcing lights provided enough light to see by.

We made our way to one of the pylons and held on as I activated the master index.


The loud crash of thunder lasted only a moment, and we found ourselves in the Mage's Guild offices of Caldera. A quick conversation with Folms Meril, along with the master index he made for me, put us in the propylon chamber of Valenyaron, just a short distance east of the Urshilaku Camp.

And yes, there was an ashstorm blowing here, as well.


It was a short walk to the Urshilaku camp, and there was plenty of daylight left.

We headed straight for the yurt of the wise woman.


Nibani Maesa was very pleased to see us.

"You have been named Nerevarine by the four tribes of Vvardenfell." she said. "You have fulfilled the Fifth Trial of the Seven Visions."

"Yes," I replied. "Now, what of the Sixth Trial?"


She closed her eyes and read the words from her memory.

"I was blind," she said, "but Azura's star has guided me through my dreams. Saryoni, Vivic's high priest, has asked to see you when you are Hortator and Nerevarine. Go to him, and demand to speak with the false god Vivec. Vivec has tried to keep Kagrenac's Tools secret, but you will need these tools when you stand before Dagoth Ur. Get Kagrenac's Tools from Vivec. They are the keys to the riddle of the Sixth and Seventh Trials."


She closed her eyes again, as if reading things in a book in her head, then continued. "In The Lost Prophecy, 'star-blessed hand wields thrice-cursed blade.' Gilvas Barelo has told you of Kagrenac's Tools, the enchanted devices the Tribunal use to steal power from Lorkhan's heart. One of these tools is the blade Keening. Your star-blessed hand must wield Keening. If Vivec has this blade, it is your fate to take this blade from him."

"You mean I might have to do battle with him?" I asked.

"Perhaps." she replied, "But pray you do not."


I thanked her for her counsel and departed.

The ashstorm was still blasting away, strong as ever, but at this point, I didn't really mind it so much. This would be nothing compared to confronting a living god.


After about 20 minutes we finally made it back to the Valenyaron propylon chamber.

Of course, just as we got there, the ashstorm finally subsided.


Using the master index, we used the chamber to teleport back to the Mage's Guild in Caldera, and from there teleported back to their offices in Balmora.

It was nice to get back to normal weather again. It was late in the day, and both of us needed a bath.


After cleaning up, we decided to get something to eat at the Eight Plates, get some well-needed rest, and then head to Vivec in the morning.

I showed Laurenna the dress I had found for her in Tel Mora.

The look on her face more than made up for the long trek through the ash and dust of the last dozen hours.

"You'd better get out of those old clothes and into something more appropriate if we're going to dinner." she said.

"How about one of my better robes?" I suggested.

"How about your good suit?" she countered. Sheesh, not that suit again. Oh well.    











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