The next morning found us up bright and early, fed, cleaned up, and dressed to the nines.

When you're going to meet a living god, you always want to look your best.


We made our way to the stilt strider's dock.

The morning mist was still in the air, but he was able to see us coming from quite a way off.

"I've never seen a Breton in such a find outfit as this." he said, "And your wife. My, that is a beautiful dress."

I remembered him from when I first arrived here, how gruff he was with me. Now, he was as nice to me as he could be.

We told him our destination, and moments later, we were both on a easier stroll to Vivec, home of the living god that bore his name.


The stilt strider dropped us off just outside the city. We made our way past the other cantons, passing one suspicious ordinator after another, all telling me to move along.

I was already moving along. Of course, being a wanted man (thanks to the temple), I was just glad that I was able to make this short trek without any trouble.


Passing one huge canton after another, we finally arrived at the High Fane, the headquarters of the Temple.

Underneath it, one would find the offices of the ordinators, as well as the main library. We had been here before, but this was the first time I'd be entering the temple.


Laurenna pulled on my arm, stopping me.

"Eldorf, you didn't intend to just walk right in there, did you?" she asked. "Remember, the note from the Archcanon? It said to meet him in secret."

She was right! Quickly, I looked at the note from the Archcanon again. I was to contact a healer, Danso Indules, and that she would make the necessary arrangements.

Only, where was Danso Indules?


I guess Danso Indules saw me approach, as she was passing by, saw me, and ran over to stop me from entering the main door of the temple.

"Quickly!" she whispered, trying not to attract attention, "Did you want to meet the archcanon?"

"Yes." I replied, "I believe we have important matters to discuss."

"I know of these matters." she replied, in a very irritated manner. "The Archcanon is in his private quarters, and he very much wishes to speak with you, but I am to warn you, avoid confrontations with the Ordinators at all costs."

"Well, does he want to speak with me or not?" I replied, "Why does he invite me here under the threat of arrest?"

"You don't understand." she replied, "The archcanon has spoken with the High Fane Ordinators, but if you are a wanted criminal, they may try to arrest you. If the blood of faithful servants of the Temple is spilled, it will make a reconciliation all that much more difficult."

"What is your suggestion?" I asked.

"There is a private back entrance to Saryoni's private quarters. Perhaps you might also sneak past the Ordinators by stealth or magic."

"Where is this private back entrance you spoke of?" I asked.

"A door on the eastern canalside level leads through a smaller room and into Saryoni's private quarters." she said, "But the door is always locked, and the Ordinators control the keys."

She gave us directions on how to find this back door, then quickly walked away once she noticed an ordinator looking our in our direction.


Walking under the High Fane through a tunnel, we arrived at the south end of the building. Looking east, we found the door we had been told about.


We made our way through the maze of hallways until we came upon the door to the archcanon's private quarters. As promised, it was locked.

It was a well-made lock, but Ondusi's Unhinging spell managed to open it.

I must remember to thank Ondusi one day for providing such a helpful spell.


Once inside, we checked around, and found the archcanon near his desk, working on some papers.

"You are Eldorf the Wise?" he asked.

"That would be me." I replied, as we walked over to chat with him.   


"Thank you for coming, Eldorf Dragonmeal." he said. "You know the Temple's doctrine on the Nerevarine. Perhaps it is time to change that doctrine."

He was being very cordial, and I appreciated that. "What is it you wish to discuss?" I asked.

"The temple must protect the people from false doctrines, and your association with the Imperial Intelligence, The Order of the Blades, makes your motivations and integrity suspect. But you have been chosen Hortator and Nerevarine by the Dunmer people." He paused, as if he were opening a box of trouble in his mind. "And we have reached a crises with Dagoth Ur. We can no longer defend the people against the awakened Sixth House. You and your prophecies may represent our last hope."

He walked over to his desk, and picked up two keys. "Our situation is desperate." he continued, "But I would rather have you hear the details of our situation, and the circumstances leading up to that situation, from Lord Vivec himself. He has asked to see you. Would you agree to a private meeting with him, and hear in person what he has to say?"

How can one turn down an invitation from a living god?

"Yes," I replied, "my wife and I would love to discuss this issue with him."

He glanced at my wife, gave an uncomfortable look, as if the invitation was for me only, then resigned himself to the fact that we were going there.

"Good." he said. "here are two keys; one to the private back entrance to my quarters, the other to a locked entrance to Lord Vivec's palace. I regret that, at present, the Ordinators are not completely under my control, so, for now, I'll ask you to avoid confrontations with them."

He handed me the keys. "Lord Vivec is expecting you. His Lordship is remarkably patient, but perhaps it would be better not to keep him waiting."

"Can you tell me anything about him?" I asked.

Tholer smiled. "Lord Vivec the poet is one of the three Immortal God-Kings of Morrowind, a Pillar of the Tribunal, and the patron of Artists and Rogues. Now, perhaps you'd better get moving, right?"


We thanked Tholer for his time and trouble, and headed out the back way, taking care to smile at every Ordinator we passed in the hallways.

'Patron of Artists and Rogues' I thought. Now, that is one interesting combination.

As I climbed the stairs of Vivec's palace, I couldn't help wondering to myself if I could expect to see paintings all around his chambers.


We arrived at the door, and using the key, managed to unlock the door to Vivec's palace.

I stood there for a moment, wondering what I would say or do in there, gathering my thoughts for a moment.

I looked back to Laurenna. "Come on, old man." she said, "Let's get this over with."

With that, she grabbed the doorhandle and opened the door, pushing me, and us, inside the home of the most powerful being I had ever met.   













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