I decided to confer one last time with the wise woman.

"Stay here," I told Laurenna, "I'll use the propylon chambers to teleport close to their camp, and the house ring to teleport back here. I should return before nightfall."

"Back in time for dinner?" she asked.

"If all goes well, yes." I replied. It was already late in the day, and didn't want to do this with no weapons in the dark.


I headed to the Balmora Mages Guild offices and teleported to Caldera. A quick conversation with Folms Meril caused me to be teleported to the propylon chamber of Valenvaryon.


I changed into a cliffracer, and headed east through yet another thick, nasty ashstorm.


Pushing hard against the raging ashstorm, I passed over one blighted creature after another. The dust hurt my eyes, and flying into the setting sun didn't help my vision at all. The ashstorm gave the sunset an strange, angry red glow.


After what seemed like a lifetime of flying through this storm, I finally arrived at the Urshilaku camp.


Changing back into my very handsome self, I made my way through the blinding storm and fading light to the yurt of Nibani Maesa.


"We have heard Vivec's prolamation." she said, as I entered. "Do you have the tools you need from Vivec?"

"I have only one of them." I said, showing her Wraithguard.

"But what of Keening and Sunder?" she asked.

"They are inside the Ghostfence." I replied. I told her what I had read, about how the Tribunal had lost Keening and Sunder to Dagoth Ur's ashvampires.    


"Then, there is great danger." she replied, "For Dagoth Ur has 2 of the 3 tools needed to make himself invincible."


"Your course is clear." she said, in no uncertain terms. "You must go through Ghostgate, into the heart of this troubled land. You must retrieve the other two artifacts, and use them to do exactly as Vivec has perscribed - you must sever the connection to the Heart."

She looked sadly at me. "Alas," she continued, "I can guide you no further."

"Nibani," I replied, "you have done more than anyone could have asked." I gave her a hug. "I do make one promise to you." I continued. "I promise that if I am successful, I will come here and tell you and your people personally."

"When will you start your journey into Red Mountain?" she asked.

"Most likely, early tomorrow morning, from Balmora." I replied. With that, I gave her another hug, something she was not used to receiving, but appreciated anyway.


I used the house ring to return to Balmora. I saw that the sun was just about to leave us for the night, so I decided that we should have a great meal tonight, and I did promise Laurenna I'd be back in time for dinner.


I reported on what Nibani had told me, which was pretty much expected. The only place left in this entire situation involved an assult on Red Mountain.

We walked over to the Eight Plates and had a really great meal of ashyams, saltrice, wickwheat, houndmeat, and brandy.

I tried to keep the mood light, but Laurenna could tell I was concerned about tomorrow's mission.

Still, we managed to have a good time. And why should I worry? I had managed to slay four dragons in my time. Going up against an entity that managed to kick the butt of the Tribunal itself, living gods, shouldn't present a problem to an old mage like me.

Well, one could only hope.















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