The next morning didn't start out so good.

"Eldorf Dragonmeal!" Laurenna screamed, "You are NOT going to this place alone."

"But Laurenna," I protested, "it is a dangerous place, full of not just evil creatures, but corprus beasts. You may be able to defeat them, but you could catch corprus from their bodies."

"You know that we Nords of Skyrim do NOT shrink from battles. We are fearless, and I am going with you on this mission!"

"I am sorry, dear." I replied, "You are not going to this place, and that's final!"

I figured I had to put my foot down and show her who was in charge once and for all.


So after heading back by travel scroll to Solstheim castle, stocking up on a ton of potions, self-made enchanted arrows, and the rest of the glass armor I had made for me in Mournhold, I headed back to Balmora, were we both set up for our trip to Ghostgate (in the rain, of course). Really, I could use a hand, I guess, and this was a pretty bad place we were going to go to.


We headed out the main entry way, past the stilt strider, and towards the foyada that would take us to Ghostgate.


Just past the fort, we entered the foyada. Turning right would have taken us to Pelagiad and Vivec, but we turned left, and stared at the bleak path before us.

"Keep an eye out for blighted creatures." I told Laurenna. "They'll attack on sight from out of nowhere."

"Bring 'em on." she said. "I'm ready for anything."


Just a short walk up the foyada, we came upon an ancient Dwemer bridge. I had crossed this bridge several times, but this would be the first time I went under it.

Up ahead, I could see clouds billowing in the distance. I told Laurenna there might be an ashstorm coming. I was hoping I was wrong.


I was right the first time. It was an ashstorm, stronger than I had ever encountered. It might have been because the storm was being funneled through the foyada, or maybe it was just Red Mountain trying to stop me from making this trip, I wasn't sure which.

In the distance, directly in our path, I could see the outline of a Daedric shrine, and through the storm, I could make out the glow of both a frost and flame Antroch patrolling the area.


The ashstorm let up just as we came in range of the shrine.

Laurenna put her hand on her sword, asking "Do you think we should fight our way through?"

"Normally, I'd say yes." I replied, "But this mission is too important. "Let's use chameleon and walk past them. If we're successful, we can always come back and take care of this place later."


In the blink of an eye, Laurenna activated the amulet that her granny had given her.

I used the spell of concealment, giving me invisibility for a full 90 seconds, long enough to get past the shrine without incident.


Properly hidden, we just walked past the creatures and monsters of this shrine. I had bigger fish to fry today.


The ashstorm came back, even worse than before. It was so thick this time that we didn't see some of the creatures that came to attack us. Laurenna took care of them easily.

It was a good thing she had come along.

Finally, I could hear the thrumming sound of the Ghostfence, and through the blinding ashstorm, I could make out the outline of the pylons of the fence itself.

We had arrived!


As we approached the fence, I could make out the outline of three structures. The one on the right, or east side, was the Tower of Dawn, the other was the Tower of Dusk, with a temple between them.


The view became clearer as we came closer.

It was an imposing structure, and I couldn't help notice a gated area in the mouth of the shrine's building.

Vivec, and the Trubinal, were maintaining this fence. The energy required to keep this going for all of these thousand years boggled the mind, and yet, here it was. I had seen two other areas of the Ghostfence, but this would be the first time I had seen this famous place.


We headed to the Tower of Dusk and decided to talk with the guards there, since that's what Vivec had suggested to me.

It would also be nice to get out of this ashstorm for a short while.


Laurenna mentioned several dents in her glass armor and shield, and her sword needed to be re-sharpened so we figured we'd better head straight for the local smith (if there was one here) and get this equipment repaired.


After asking around, we found the local smith, and after just a few minutes, had Laurenna's armor and sword in perfect condition.

We paid him for the repairs and headed to the upper levels of the tower.







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