"It's spooky in here." commented Laurenna, as she lit up another torch.

"Oh, I don't know." I replied, "A nice tapestry on the wall, a throw rug here and there, it's got possibilities." I joked.

"Hmph." came the reply. "I really need a bath already."

I couldn't help but chuckle. Everything in there smelled of rotting flesh and death. "I'll have a talk with the management." I said, smiling.


Rather than attack outright, we both used chameleon spells, and snuck up on a number of these Dagoth people. That Amulet of Shadows came in handy on a number of occassions.

More than one creature in this place died not knowing what had attacked it.


Laurenna was nearly out of the spark arrows, so I gave her some of my sun arrows. A number of times, I had to summon a few creatures to fight on our behalf. They did a pretty good job, too.


We finally made our way to the lowest part of the chambers, and upon entering, we came face-to-face with Dagoth Vemyn.

At least he didn't have a long nose.


He didn't have much to say, just some strange laugh as he tried doing a shock spell at us.


Both Laurenna and I used Chameleon to make it hard for him to see us. Both of us attacked him from each side, confusing him.


I was going to use the spell of God's Fire on him, but Laurenna was too close, and would have been killed by the blast.

Instead, I used my Ring of Weapons, and finished him off with my summoned broadsword.


Once this monster was dead, we decided to search the area for one of those two missing artifacts.

Suddenly, I heard Laurenna call out in agony! She had picked something up from Vemyn's body and tossed it almost immediately, as if she had touched a hot coal. It had nearly killed her! I quickly gave her 3 health potions, bring her back to the world of the living.


"What...what was that thing?" she asked.

"I'll go find out." I replied.

There, a few feet from Vemyn's body, was a small hammer.


It was Sunder! The stories about the profaine enchantments of this artifact where true. Handling it without the protection of Wraithguard proved nearly fatal for Laurenna.

But, now, we had found it, and were only one item away from being able to defeat Dagoth Ur once and for all.


Laurenna asked if we should continue, but I said no. It was late in the day, we were both tired, and after the experience that Laurenna just had, she needed to rest.

The stronghold had been cleared of monsters, so it would be safe to sleep here tonight.

Tomorrow would be another day.















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