We both rested for a few hours, then decided to finish this quest. I told Laurenna to guard the entrance to Odrosal for me.

Making sure everything else was set, I used the Amulet of Shadows one more time and entered the Dwemer Training Academy.


Once inside, I checked the place out. There were a number of 'things' patroling the hallways, looking for trouble. They found it, of course, but never knew what hit them.

I finally came to a large chamber, and noticed it had a lower level, so I decided to see what was down there.


I encountered one locked room after another. And in the rooms that I could get into were Dagoth's with keys to the doors that were locked.

One after another, they fell, giving me the keys I needed to gain entrance to the next mystery room.


As expected, one more Dagoth was waiting for me: Dagoth Odros

I shot at him with a shock spell, but then suddenly, felt a blast of fire spell at me from behind.

He had summoned a fire antroch to do battle with me.

I used up 3 restore health potions doing battle with this one, but eventually he fell.


Once Dagoth Odros was down, I could turn my attention to this flame antroch he had summoned. I couple of shots from my Ring of Leaches finished him off nicely, and restored my own health as well.


As expected, Dagoth Odros had yet another key to yet another un-explored room in this stronghold.


Using the key, I checked out the rest of the stronghold until I came to the only place I hadn't been to yet.

Slowly, I climbed the ladder, inserted the key, and felt it open the lock for me.

Preparing a spell of Medusa's Gaze for whatever might be up there, I opened the door, and climbed up the ladder.


It was a temple of some kind, and strangely, unguarded by any creature, beast, monster, or Dagoth.

Strange, since it held one of the most precious things in the land.


Using the wedding ring, I contacted Laurenna, guarding the entrance to this place.

"Are you ok?" I asked her.

"Yes." she replied, "What about you."

"I am fine, thanks." I replied. "We were in the right place this time."

"Why do you say that?" she asked.

I gloated over the good news. "We finally have all three items needed to destroy the Heart of Lorikan and defeat Dagoth Ur." I said.





"Keening has been found."

















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