We had found both Keening and Sunder, the tools needed to destroy the Heart of Lorkhan. Laurenna was exhausted from this 2-day adventure. "Should we head to Dagoth Ur's stronghold now?" she asked.

"No." I replied, "We need to head back to Ghostgate. You and I both need rest, and I need to fix a few things."

"What things?" she asked.

"Well, we're both running out of arrows." I said. "Your armor and weapons need to be repaired, and what needs to be 'fixed' is the fact that several of these creatures seem to be able to paralyze me. How many 'cure paralyze' potions do we have left."

We checked - only 2 left. Definately not enough to make this journey again. Just the journey to the first Dwemer stronghold here to find Sunder had used most of them.      


Not more than 3 minutes later, another Hunger attacked us. This creature, as well as Bonelords, seemed to have a powerful mind, trapping me in a paralyzed state while attacking me. Had Laurenna not been with me, I'd have been dead several times over.

I saw this one coming, and put up a Wall of Fire spell. Even with that much power, it managed to break through at the last moment of it's life, and my bound longsword finished it off.


I hated being this close to Dagoth Ur's home base, but I felt I had made the right decision: Return to Ghostgate and reconfigure things differently, since things were not working correctly as-is.

I would need a different plan of action.


The ashstorm was blowing from behind now, as if to hurry us along the way out of here. Red Mountain certainly did not want me here.

Finally, in the distance, through the dust and ash, I could see the dim outline of Ghostgate.

It was nearly midnight, and we were both very glad to get out of here.


I activated the controls to the gate, and we finally made it to the other side of the Ghostfence.

We just stood there for a few moments, enjoying the lack of ashstorm, and being able to see the stars in the sky for the first time in two days.


We made our way inside to the Tower of Dusk, rented a room for the night, and shook the ash and dust out of our robes and clothes.

I had Laurenna give me her armor and equipment and told her to get some rest.


The smith grumbled about me being up so late, but since the fire was still going on in the hearth, he decided to fix Laurenna's armor and weapons.

"This bow is pretty badly beat up." he mentioned. "Been shooting at lots of stuff, I'd imagine."

"You'd imagine correctly." I replied.


I brought the equipment back to our room, and we both dropped off into a deep sleep.

The next morning, I laid Laurenna's equipment out for her.

"Wait for me here." I said. "I'll use a scroll to return to Solstheim Castle. I have much work to do in the lab."

I told her to go get something to eat and take it easy until I returned.





















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