We made our way back out the front door of the shrine, and finished off the evil-doers out there, including their favorite creatures. I had to re-summon that battle axe again, since one of those Enormous Frost Antroch creatures just wouldn't take the hint otherwise.


Leaving the shrine to the rats, we continued on up the pathway, hoping this would lead us to the heart of the mountain.


As we rounded a bend in the pathway, we were attacked by a Hunger. Quickly, Laurenna started hitting it with one enchanted arrow after another. As usual, the Hunger ignored the spell effects, but definitely felt the effects of the arrows themselves.

I summoned a Golden Saint, and activated the Amulet of Shadows. The Hunger couldn't see me, so it attacked the saint instead.


Definately a face only a mother, or another Hunger, could love.

The Amulet of Shadows gave me the few moments needed to bring back the battle axe and finish this thing off.

Nasty thing, this Hunger.


Around another hill, another huge Ogrim Titan greeted us. I summoned an entire party of creatures,

The Ogrim didn't stand a chance.


We continued on up the path, until we were attacked by an Ascended Sleeper. I was surprised that we hadn't seen more of these here. As the sleeper fell into the dust, I noticed that I was standing next to a Dwemer statue.


I turned to my right, and stared ahead. I couldn't believe it.

We had arrived at the mouth of the volcano.


Dagoth Ur.

I just stood there in awe of the place. Dust and ash swirled around madly. The wind screamed, as if in anger.

There was an anger here, a pain, a hatred of everything, and everyone.


I gazed down into the seething caldron of the volcano.

You could feel the evil, the hatred, anger, flowing from this place.


Laurenna joined me, also awed by the immense power and fury of the volcano.

"Where's the entrance?" she asked.


I turned around and noticed a huge, round shell in front of me. I had seen this before - the very first Dwemer stronghold were I found a puzzle box for someone.

"Look around for a pipe with a handle on it." I said.


We searched for a few minutes until we found a pipe with a crank on it.


I gave it a twist. It resisted. I pulled harder, and it finally turned to the right, screeching in protest, as if to warn it's master of our arrival.

We made our way back to the shell, but the wind was pushing against us so hard that the shell had closed by the time we made it back.


I had an idea. We made our way back to the shell.

I used the Seizing of the Erabenimsun, an enchanted belt from one of the Ashlander tribes I had been given.


I invoked the belt, and I had a Telekinesis spell that would reach up to 50 feet for 30 seconds.

I really had to pull on it, but the handle finally gave way, opening the shell.


The way was partially open.

We walked to the door and stood on the hinge.


Seconds later, the shell closed behind us, exposing the entrance.

Gathering my wits, I took a deep breath, grabbed the door, and pushed it open.

Death was waiting for either Dagoth Ur or myself in this place. We would soon see who was to go on a journey to Oblivion.

I was determined that it wasn't going to be me.



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