Once Laurenna finished off the monster, we checked out the first two rooms. In one of them, we found the remains of another dead hero.

And again, I heard a voice, calling out to me.

"Welcome, Moon-and-Star. I have prepared a place for you."

Well, as long as he spells my name correctly.


The third door lead to a short hallway, then down some stairs.

And then, the voice again: "Come. Bring Wraithguard to the Heart Chamber. Together let us free the cursed false gods."  Oh, I'll bring it, alright.

As I headed further down the stairs, I could hear something breathing heavily coming up the stairs.


I hit the Amulet of Shadows, and peeked around the corner - it was a Greater Bonewalker, capable of casting spells that can rob you of your strength.

He never saw the spell of God's Fire coming.

As I headed further on down the stairs, the voice called out to me yet again. "Welcome, Nerevar. Together we shall speak for the Law and the Land, and shall drive the mongrel dogs of the Empire from Morrowind."    


At the entrance to the next room, I decided to go "cloaked" again, and had Laurenna do the same.


A Dagoth long-nose guy on one side, who fell to the spell of God's Fire, followed by God's Frost, and a bunch of arrows, courtesy of Laurenna.

"Come. Bring Wraithguard to the Heart Chamber. Together let us free the cursed false gods."


Further on down the hallway, one of Dagoth Ur's brothers ran in my direction. God's Frost met him half-way, followed by Poison Bloom.

He fell on the stairs, dead.


Dagoth Ur was not happy.

"Is this how you honor the Sixth House, and the tribe unmourned? Come to me openly, and not by stealth."  

Sorry to disappoint you, Mr. Ur, but your people are the ones attacking first.      


Another chamber, and another dead hero.

In this chamber we found a number of containers with equipment stored for battle, but nothing that matched what we had.


The door ahead......I could feel evil coming from it.

Dagoth Ur was in the next room.

"Laurenna, wait here for me."

"But, what about...."

I stopped her. "This is a living god," I told her, "and he managed to kick the Tribunal, three living gods themselves, OUT of this facility."

She looked at me as if this was the last time she would ever see me alive.  The thought had also crossed my mind, too, sadly.

"One of us must get out of here with word of how far I got." I continued. "I don't know what will happen in there, but if I do not make it out of here in 30 minutes, you'll need to make it to Ghostgate and report what has happened. They'll need to know that Wraithguard, Keening, and Sunder may have fallen into Dagoth Ur's hands."

"But what about you?" she asked.

"I'll do what I can." I replied, "But I can only hope that I have enough enchanted items, rings, potions, and spells to give me the opportunity to destroy the Heart."


"And if it's not enough?" she asked.

I sighed softly. "Then the only thing I can tell you is that after reporting in to the guards at Ghostgate, get back to either Solstheim Castle or Lokken. You will be safe there, I'm sure. I can't speak for the rest of the Empire, however."

I gave her a hug, a kiss, made sure she had enough arrows and restore health potions needed to get back to Ghostgate.

Then, I turned to the door - the last door between myself and Dagoth Ur himself.

Taking in a deep breath, I pushed the door open, and stepped inside. I had some issues to discuss with him, killers sent to me in the middle of the night, disturbing my beauty sleep, bothering the people of this land, wanting to take over the world, and so on. Obviously, I'd have to have a serious talking-to with him concerning his rather discourteous behavior.

















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