"We've got a date with Destiny, boys, and she's just ordered the lobster."
                                                 ----- Mystery Men

I made it to the edge the rope bridge, the Heart of Lorkhan not more than 30 or 40 yards ahead of me.

My only worry now was if the rope bridge was strong enough to support me. the pool of lava below, forces were at work that would see to my failure.




"Fool! I cannot be killed by being pushed into a pool of  lava!"


I walked ahead, the bridge creaking and groaning under my every footstep.

And the Heart was getting closer....


I could feel the heat coming off the Heart as I approached it, and the roar of the flowing lava below made it hard to hear.

As I got closer to the Heart, however, I found that I was in for a nasty surprise, for Dagoth Ur had managed to re-appear on the bridge behind me, determined to prevent me from ever reaching the Heart alive.

And he was not a happy camper.




I never saw it coming......   


The blast caught me completely by surprise.

I could feel the spell robbing me of my strength. A second spell slammed into me, killing my willpower.

It is truly something to come up against a living god. It's another thing to survive the ordeal.

I was beginning to wonder if I would ever made it out of here alive.


Stunned, I couldn't defend myself as Dagoth Ur ran up from behind, slashing into me with his claws, stealing my life away with every blow.

I was dying.

He stopped to chuckle for a moment, to gloat at my sudden misfortune.

That was all the time I needed.


Using those few seconds, I changed into a cliffracer. I flew up and over his head.  I stabbed him with the pointy end of my tail. I was trying to push him off the rope bridge, back into the lava pit below.

He just wouldn't cooperate.

It was probably the only time in recorded history that a cliffracer actually did something useful, however.


Unable to shove him off of the bridge, I changed back to my handsome self.

Now, he stood directly between me and the Heart of Lorkhan.



"Show me something special, mortal."

Well, that just got under my beard, if you catch my drift.

"You want some of this?" I shouted back at him.

"Well, come get some."


He shot a spell at me.

I absorbed it.

I shot one back at him.

His shield absorbed it.


"How about some shock spell?" I shouted, sending several of them his way.

They couldn't kill him, but I noticed that while fire spells didn't have any effect, shock and frost spells seemed to shove him back a few feet as they hit his shield.    


I used several restore magicka potions to continue firing one spell after another.

Little by little, I was pushing him back, keeping him off guard, unable to fire back at me.


I had him on the edge of the rope bridge at last!

Quickly, I summoned a winged twilight. She quickly flew towards Dagoth Ur, screeching, and tearing at him with her sharp talons.

She couldn't kill him, of course, but I was hoping he'd get pushed off the bridge and out of my way.


She missed! Instead of pushing him off of the bridge, she pushed him back, behind the Heart.

Quickly, I summoned a Storm and Flame Antroch. They joined in the battle, but now they had Dagoth Ur backed up against the backbone of his creation.

Well, fine, then. Just hold him there for a few moments.





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