"Each Event is preceded by Prophecy.
But without the Hero, there is no Event."

------Zurin Artes, the Underking

My summoned creatures vanished back into Oblivion, leaving Dagoth Ur to stare back at me from the guts of his monster.

"Alright, you!" I shouted, "No more Mr. Nice-guy!"

I remembered the coin I had gotten from Wulf back at the Ghostgate. It would give me good luck.

I invoked it, and felt my luck improving. My astrological sign also gave me a shield I could use once every 24 hours: Dragon Skin - more protection than any shield scroll could ever give. It would only last 60 seconds, however, so I had to act fast.

I summoned my trusty Daedric battle axe.

"Get back in the lava pool, you creature from Hell!" I shouted. "I've got work to do, and I'm done playing with you. Now, get out of my way, or be pushed out."

With that, I walked right up to him, swinging that battle axe, having it bash right into his own shield, pushing him to the right, behind the Heart and it's connecting assembly, then out back to the bridge.


"You are weak, old man." he laughed, as I hit him over and over again. I had only brought one potion to fortify my strength. How short-sighted of me. Yet, it could be enough. One hefty swing after another pushed him back further and further.

I hit him harder, and harder, determined to finish this, here, and now.

"I have had..." SMACK! "...enough..." SMACK!!! "...of YOU!"

Suddenly, he lost his footing on the edge, and fell into the lava pit below.

I had done it! And just in time, too, as the spell forming the battle axe faded, as did my shield spell.    


There was no time to lose. Quickly, I put Wraithguard on my right hand. I could feel it's protective energy envelope me.

I pulled out Sunder. I could feel it's profaine enchantments trying to kill me, doing battle with Wraithguard. Everything was in balance, and I took a step forward, to the very Heart of the problem.


I hit the heart once with Sunder. Instantly, I could hear a sort of musical tone in my head, as if I had just struck some kind of bell.

I hit it again, and the tone became distorted, as if it was now out of tune with the cosmos.


Now, for Keening.

It, too, tried to kill me, but again, Wraithguard protected me from it's fateful enchantment.

Dagoth Ur was NOT going to like this.


If I remembered some of the things I had read, you would hit the Heart just once with Sunder, then "flay" the energy with Keening, directing it as needed.

I wasn't going to do anything so delicate. I was here to break it.

I stabbed the Heart with all my might. A burst of light shimmered around the heart.

And, true to form, Dagoth Ur wasn't happy.



The musical tone I could hear in my head, became even more distorted.

I decided to stab it several more times.

"WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!" he protested.


"What am I doing?" I shouted back.

I thought for a moment, then responded, "I'm breaking your heart." Yes, it was a cruel joke, but what can I say?


I stabbed it several more times.

"STOP!" he continued shouting,


"Hey," I shouted back, "They don't call me Eldorf the Wise for nothing. I know exactly what I'm doing."

I paused for just a second, and added "Hey, Mr. Ur, how many times do I have to stab this thing to kill it?"

I didn't expect him to help, but I was enjoying the fact that he was on the down side of his luck at the moment.

I guess even gods have bad days.


Oops - my question was answered on the next stab of the Heart.

It shimmered, and then burst into a bright burst of light.

Suddenly, I could feel the ground tremble, and the energies held within the Heart suddenly let lose.

Eldorf, the Wise, now is the time to get out of town!


I ran as fast as I could across that rickety old rope bridge.

As soon as I reached the ledge, the bridge broke under my feet.

I turned, to see the results of my handywork.

















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