I turned, just in time to see the results of my handiwork.

With the Heart destroyed, there was nothing left to revive Dagoth Ur, or hold his mechanical god together.

It fell apart like so many other well-laid plans often do.



















I watched, as Akulakhan fell to pieces into the lava pool below, joining it's creator, Dagoth Ur, in Oblivion.

Suddenly, the rest of the cavern began to tremble.

Huge chunks of the roof started falling down.

I figured if there was ever a good time to leave, now would be the time.


I ran as fast as my old legs could carry me, dodging huge boulders falling from the roof, and sprays of red hot magma as other parts of the roof fell into the lava below.


The exit was protected by one of those semi-circle shells. I glanced around quickly, spotting the crank that would open the way out of here.

Obviously well-used, the crank gave me no trouble in turning.


Rocks were falling all over the place now. The shell opened slowly, and I ran towards it as fast as I could.


I jumped on the platform. Precious seconds passed by, waiting for the mechanism to reverse the cycle and close the shell, exposing the doorway.

Rocks continued to fall, causing huge splashes of lava from the pool below.

Finally, the shell started to close, and I managed to open the doorway into the next chamber, and out of this hellish place.









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