It has been over 15 days since my escape from the Imperial City dungeon. In that time, I had explored a number of caves and sewers in the local area. The money gained from these adventures helped provide room and board from the local inns, as well as providing me with a new outfit or two, and a number of very valuable summoning spells. I already knew the one to summon a skeleton to fight for me, but I also found a spell to summon a zombie and a scamp. The combination was effective, but I knew I'd need more than that in order to protect myself.

My skill with the sword had improved, and I had managed to find a silver short sword during my adventures, meaning that I could now do battle with the undead, knowing full well that'd be coming up eventually.

Blocking skills weren't so good. Hits from other creatures or bandits still caused very bad wounds. The problem was that I couldn't find anyone capable of training me on some of my defensive skills here.


I had managed to gather enough money to purchase a total invisibility spell, but my skill with illusion magick was still not good enough. Time after time, I tried to cast it, but to no avail. Still, there were other spells in the school of illusion that I could use. Each time they were cast, my skill would increase. I knew it would only be a matter of time before I mastered this valuable spell's capability.


That evening, 16 days after my escape from the dungeons of the city, I sat down to dinner, thinking of all that had happened since that fateful day I that I had met the Emperor. I hadn't noticed anything unusual happening in the city; life went on as always. Shops opened and closed, things were bought and sold, goblins were no more a problem in the sewers than they had always been. I had done alright for myself in just this short amount of time.

Deliver the Amulet of Kings to Chorrol, or go my own way? What should I do? I thought for a while. I thought of my home in Ald'Ruhn, Morrowind, my people, just a few days journey to the east. I had enough money to at least live a comfortable life, IF I could make it to Morrowind without a bandit robbing me blind on the way there.

I did want to join the Mages Guild, but there were no offices for them here in the Imperial City. Same for the Fighters Guild. My mind wandered to a map of the Imperial Province. Cheydinhal was just a short distance from here, and half-way to Morrowind. Perhaps I could at least join each guild there and see how things go. At the very least, I might pick up some better spells and armor, perhaps some training in both the arts and blocking as well.


I gathered my belongings, hiding myself in a tattered old robe. There was no sense in giving away the fact that I might have something bandits might want.

On my way out of the city, I asked a guard for directions to Cheydinhal. He told me how to get there, then added, "By the Nine Divines, stay on the roads." When I asked him why, he simply replied "We've had reports of... Daedra."

Odd that the Imperial Forces had not been activated, but rumors, being what they are, I just said I would take his advice and headed on my way.


The walk to Cheydinhal was interesting. Along the way, I found an Inn full of invisible people. It seems that the local wizard had been experimenting with an extremely powerful invisibility spell which not only affected him, but every person and animal around him for at least a mile. I was asked to help, and managed to find his stronghold. He gave me a spell scroll to use in the middle of the town. When used, it worked and everyone was restored to normal. For my services, I was offered a free room any time I was in the area.

Sometimes, its nice to help people. The reward will sometimes exceed the value of gold.


My good luck with the weather finally gave out, and a terrible thunderstorm followed me shortly after leaving the Inn. Along the way, I found an Ayleid Well. These had been built long ago by what legend says were the "Ancient Ones" (others call them Wild Elves or Heartland High Elves). Their structures had long since crumbled into dust, but their control of magika was so powerful that their wells still give off potent energy. I found one early on after I escaped from the Imperial City Dungeon. I also found out that they were an excellent source of loot (and death, if one was not careful).  


It was late evening when I finally arrived at the gates of Cheydinhal. The storm was beginning to fade away, but it was still raining pretty hard. At least the lightning was done. I was nearly struck by it on a few occasions.


The guard just inside the gate advised me of the locations for the stores, guild offices, and more important to me right then, where to sleep. The Inn was right in front of me.


I spent the night in a comfortable bed, sleep taking me away for a few hours. When I awoke the next morning, the sun was shining, the birds were singing, and all was right with the world. The owner of the Inn was a Dunmer, like myself. She told me that many Dunmer from Morrowing were living here in Cheydinhal. In the two years that I had been in prison, things had changed in my home. Not for the better, it seems, either. Another one of my people told me that at least one of the Great Houses of Morrowind was in total disarray.

The Nerevarine had killed one of the Tribunal (Almalexia), another of the Tribunal was dead already (Sotha Sil), and the one Living God (Vivic) had been reportedly killed by some young buck who thought he could soul-trip him into a grand soul gem. Vivic died through a trick of magick from this young warrior, and the young fool died from his own wounds as he had run out of healing potients during the battle with the living god. Vivic's soul was too powerful for the grand soul gem, and it exploded in his face.

Such a waste.

Now, the land of the dark elves was without direction. Crazy people were wandering about crying about the 'end of all things' and such.

Well, Morrowind had survived many trials in the past. The Nerevarine would protect them.

"Oh, the Nerevarine?" she asked. "Apparently you haven't heard the news. The Nerevarine has left to explore the strange land of Akavir two years ago, and has not been heard from since."

Well, this was not good. Who would protect the people now?


















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