Rumors of Home

I made my way back down the main road and ended up going past the Imperial City on my way to Kvatch. I encountered no more than two bandits along the way, but using my spell of invisibility, I was able to evade them easily. Too easily, in fact. I decided to go back and summon a few creatures to deal with them.

Those bandits will no longer annoy anyone else.


I really wanted to stop at the Imperial City and visit the University there. I was certain there were a number of spells I could pick up there, as well as learn how to make my own enchanted items, but I came to the decision that the mission to find Martin and bring him back to Weynon Priory was much more important. Besides, I was certain I would have plenty of time to go there after this mission had been completed.


I kept thinking about the words the Emperor said before he died. "Jaws of Oblivion." What could that mean? I know that Oblivion is where all summoned creatures are brought from, but they always return there once the summoning spell wears off. Such spells are temporary, causing a change in the world around us, but since nature always balances things out, those things caused by such spells simply cannot last. If it were otherwise, any summoning spell could possibly open a portal that would (in theory) last forever, and any summoned creature could be followed by another, and another. Since such spells take power, and power is not infinite, such a spell would have to eventually collapse as its power was exhausted. And yet, here was a warning of something...different.

A dire warning, indeed.


A few hours (and several dead bandits) later, I found myself arriving at the city of Skingrad. I had visited this city before (in order to gain a recommendation from their Mages Guild). I could hear a distant rumble of thunder behind me, so I decided that instead of going around it, I would stop for a while and get several of these pebbles out of my shoes until the storm passed by.


I stopped in the chapel and received a healing spell. I hadn't realized that one of those bandits had hit me with an enchanted weapon, draining my willpower. The healing spell put things right in short order. I decided to ask one of the chapel members about any rumors he might have heard.


"I had heard of several strange rumors." he said. "Something about huge portals opening up in several areas of the Empire."

"Portals?" I asked. "What do you mean?"

"Well, I'm not sure how you would describe them." he replied. "I had heard this from a Dunmer like yourself coming from Morrowind."

"Morrowind?" I said.

"Yes." he replied. "Apparently, some sort of portal opened up in at least two areas of Morrowind, one on the mainland, and according to this Dunmer I spoke to, one in the middle of the settlement of a place called Ald'Runh."

I didn't know what to say. My home. My father and brother. In danger.

"Tell me what you were told." I said. "I am from Ald'Runh. I have family there."

He gave me a very sad look. "According to this rumer, something called an Oblivion Gate opened up right in the middle of the city. Daedra came through the gate. The only reported survivor was an Imperial soldier, buried under the rubble until reinforcements came to investigate the fire and smoke they saw from a nearby fort."

"Only reported survior?" I asked. "You mean..."

"Yes." he replied. "According to the reports, Ald'Runh was totally destroyed, no survivors except for the soldier they had apparently missed. The monsters killed men, women, and children alike."


I didn't know what to say. My family, friends, home. Gone. Brutally murdered. And here I am, miles away, playing with spells that could have helped them.

"I am sorry." he said. "I probably should not have told you."

"No." I replied. "Just give me a minute.

"Dear, in this place, take all the time you need." he said, putting his hand on my shoulder.

I fell into one of the pews and just stared into space for a while.


It was pouring rain outside when I finally regained the strength to walk again.

I decided that I would spend the night here and continue on to Kvatch in the morning.

Somehow, the spirit of the moment had left me. The importance of finding Martin seemed to be diminished in light of the news about my home being destroyed.


I spent 20 pieces of gold for a night at the local Inn. I could have stayed at either the Mages Guild or Fighters Guild for free, but there were too many people around. I was feeling depressed, and just wanted to be alone with my thoughts.

I picked at my dinner, having very little appetite. I couldn't help thinking that I had lost everyone I had ever really known in my childhood.

Rumors that the Nerevarine had left Morrowind to investigate the strange land of Akavar was not helpful. The Nerevarine was supposed to have stayed to protect us. Yet I was beginning to wonder if even the Nerevarine could have done anything against such an onslaught of monsters.


I tried to sleep, but I kept having thoughts about Ald'Runh.

How could the gods let this happen? Could this be what the Emperor was trying to warn me about?


Sleep failed to take me that night. How could the gods let something like this happen? My people had always prayed to their ancestors. My years in prison as a victim of false charges had caused a huge lack of faith in such things, but with such news, there was only one thing I could do.

And dawn would come much too early for me.














COMING UP: Arrival at Kvatch

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