Weynon Priory

I made my way slowly down the winding path the refugee camp below. They were overjoyed to hear the news that the Oblivion Gate had been closed.

"We will rebuild the city." everyone kept repeating. They thanked me, hugged me, asking what they could do in return for my efforts.

"Actually, all I want is a place to sleep for the night." I said. I was offered any tent I wished.

I picked the closest one I could find, dropped my backback and sword. I was too tired to even take off my shoes. I just collapsed in the bedroll, closed my eyes, and feel into a deep sleep.

I don't even know if I had a dream that night or not. I might have been too tired to do even that.


The next morning came much too early for me. I woke with a start. Martin! I had to find him.

I crawled out of my tent and asked around for him. One of the men there pointed him out to me. He had been one of the refugees that I had helped to escape from Kvatch the night before. I walked over to him.

"Excuse me." I said, "Are you Brother Martin?"


He smiled, remembering me from the night before. "I heard about how you helped the guard drive the daedra back." he said. "Well done."

"Brother Martin, listen carefully." I said. "You're in danger. This is the reason why I am here!"

I didn't expect him to believe me right away. "Danger, you say?" he replied. "You came here just to tell me this?" His smile turned to a scowl. "Perhaps you'd better explain yourself. There are many others here who actually need your help."


"You're Martin, right? The priest?" I asked.

"Yes, I'm a priest." he scoffed. "Why? Do you need a priest? I don't think I'll be much help to you. I'm having trouble understanding the gods right now." He cast his eyes to the ground, as if he were ashamed of what he just said. "If all this is part of a divine plan, I'm not sure I want to have anything to do with it."

I didn't come all this way, going through the land of Oblivion just to hear this.

"There is a plan." I replied. "We're part of it. You and I."

"Plan?" he said, half laughing. "What plan? What are you talking about?" He pointed back to the top of the hill, towards the now destroyed Chapel of Akatosh. "I prayed to Akatosh all through that terrible night, but no help came. Only more daedra. What can you possibly know that would help me to make sense of this death and distruction?"

I could have danced around the issue, trying to be descrete about it until we were out of the camp, but I had to get him to want to come with me, so I gave him the strangest news he'd probably hear for the rest of his life. "You are Uriel Septim's son." I said, in the most matter-of-fact voice I had.

Martin just looked at me for a moment, not quite sure what to say. "Emperor Uriel Septim? You think the emperor is my father?" he asked.

"Exactly." I said, sounding as hard and determined as I could.

Martin shook his head, unable to take it all in. "No," he replied, "you must have the wrong man. I'm a priest of Akatosh. My father was a farmer."

"Listen carefully, priest of Akatosh." I instructed, getting tired of this, "The daedra came here for you. The Emperor knew you were in danger."

"You...you spoke to the Emperor before he died?" he asked. "And he told you to find me?" He thought about it for a moment. "An entire city destroyed to get at me? Why? Because I'm the emperor's son?"

"Believe me," I replied, "I find this as strange as you do. But I'll tell you this: I have no reason to lie to you. I could have gone home to Morrowind, but instead I'm here."


Martin mused over all this for a moment. "I don't know." he said. "It's strange. I think you may actually be telling the truth." He looked up at me. "Ok, what does this mean? What do you want from me?"

"I was sent here by Brother Jauffre. I want you to come with me to Weynon Priory."

"Well, you destroyed the Oblivion Gate, they say." he replied. "You gave them hope. You helped them drive the daedra back. Ok, yes, I'll come with you to Weynon Priory and hear what Jaufree has to say."

Best news I had heard all morning.


We made our way back the long road to Weynon Priory. We made a quick stop in Skingrad to sell off some of the heavy equipment I had found in Oblivion, repair my badly damaged sword and had it's magical charge restored at the local Mages Guild office.

As we approached the Priory, one of the workers came running towards us, shouting for help. "They're killing everyone at Weynon Priory!" she shouted.

"Who is?" I asked.

"I don't know." she replied. "I think they're right behind me!" she made a quick glance back, adding "Prior Maborel is dead!"

"Who's attacking?" I asked.

"I was in the sheepfold when they attacked." she replied. "I heard the Prior talking to someone. I looked around the corner to see who it was. I don't know, ordinary types, looked like travelers or something. Suddenly, weapons appeared in their hands and they cut the Prior down before he could move! They saw me watching and I ran."

"Jauffre." I asked. "Where is he? Is he safe?"

"I don't know." she said. "He might have been in the Chapel praying."

That was the end of the conversation. An assassin was approaching fast. Martin drew his dagger, and I my paralying sword. They were there too quickly for me to do a summoning spell, so this would be a swordfight.

I was lucky I had my sword's paralyzing ability re-charged in Skingrad, I would hit the assassin, stunning him for a second while Martin came in for the attack. There were two of them and two of us. I was grateful for the training I had received in the last two months before starting this.

Then I recognized the armor. They were the same ones that killed the Emperor.


I killed another assassin just outside the Priory, picking over the corpse of one of the brothers, then ran to the Chapel, where I found Brother Jauffre engaged in mortal combat with two assassins.


I took them from behind, striking a paralyzing blow to each, giving Jauffre a fighting chance. As each one of the assassins fell dead, their armor faided away. I knew the spells for summoned armor, but never used them, since the spells would wear off too quickly. Somehow, these killers had a constant effect spell. And that type of armor with no weight made them very difficult to deal with.

"You're back!" shouted Jauffre. "Thank Talos! They attached without warning."

"What happened here?" I asked. "I was just returning with..."

"I was praying in the Chapel when I heard Prior Marobel shout. I had just time to arm myself."

Suddenly his eyes grew wide. "The Amulet of Kings!" he shouted. "I fear that was the target of this attack."

"Where is it?" I asked.

"I kept it in a secret room in Weynon House." he replied.


Jauffre ran to the Priory and up the stairs as if he had wings on his feet.

He ran to the storage room, only to find the doors wide open, drawers opened and items strewn on the floor.

"It's gone!" he lamented. "They've taken it! The Amulet of Kings is gone!" He clenched his fists in anger. "The enemy has defeated us at every turn!" he continued.

"Jauffre," I said, "I found Martin. He's safe."

That softened his mood a bit. "So it has not all gone against us." he replied. "Thank Talos for that! We've gained Uriel's heir, and lost the Amulet of Kings."

"The city of Chorral is nearby." I suggested. "Perhaps staying at the castle would be safe?"

"No, no." he replied. "Martin cannot stay here." Jauffre looked at Martin. "We have driven them off, but they'll be back once they've learned of his survival. Which they will."

"Any ideas of where he would be safe?" I asked. "They have these Oblivion Gates that could open almost anywhere now."

Jauffre didn't even give it a moment's though. "Nowhere is truly safe against the power arrayed against us." he replied. "We must play for time, regroup, figure out a plan of action." he raised his gaze to both Martin and myself. "Cloud Ruler Temple, I think." he said.

"What is...." I started to ask, but Jauffre raised his hand.

"The hidden fortress of the blades, in the mountains near Bruma." he replied. "A few men can hold it against an army. We should leave at once."

"I will return shortly, then." I said. "I am based in the Mages Guild at Chorral. I need to re-equip and change. I should only be a few minutes."     


It was only a few minutes. I had received a curras from Kvatch as a gift for my work there in closing the Oblivion Gate. I changed swords to one that drained health on strike. Several more potions and charms. I figured if this was going to get serious, I'd better be prepared for it.

I returned to the Priory and after indicating I was ready, we all left for the stables.
















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