The Path to the Mythic Dawn Revealed

The next morning I headed back to the Arcane University's campus, finding Tar-Meena bent over all four books, her desk covered with scribblings and drawings, still trying to find a the key that would help us find the location of the Mythic Dawn's shrine.

"Aaahhh, such a puzzle." she exclaimed when she saw me.

"Any luck?" I asked. She shook her head.

"I have been at this all night long." she lamented. "I must close my eyes for a few minutes."


I couldn't really hold anything against her. After all, she had been up for hours working on this hidden message. Tar-Meena headed up the stairs for some much needed rest. I looked over the notes she had written. It certainly seemed as though the first word of each paragraph tried to form a sentence, but no matter how I tried to move the words around to try and make sense of it all, the pieces of this enigma just wouldn't come together.

I spent almost three hours trying to resolve this issue when I heard Tar-Meena come down the stairs in a rush.

"I have found the answer in my dreams!" she shouted. It is not the first word of each sentence. It is the first letter of each paragraph that forms what we need!


"Let me show you!" she said. She read off the first letter of each paragraph of each book. The string of letters were all together, but looking carefully at the entire group, we were able to see the words. "Green Emperor Way Where Tower Touches Midday Sun." is what it spelled out.

"I'm not that familiar with the Imperial City." I said.

"Ah, that is the garden around the Imperial Palace." she replied. "It is the place where the dead rest."

"You mean the graves around the Imperial Palace?" I asked.

"Yes, the very same." she replied. "Something must be revealed there at noon, you know, touching midday sun. How exciting!"

I went upstairs and changed clothes. I felt something might be up, and didn't want a beautiful dress to be damaged in a possible fight. Tar-Meena bid be good luck, and with this new clue, I was on my way.


I arrived in the inner circle of the Imperial City. The Emperor's home, and center of power for the entire Empire is surrounded by the graves of those who helped build Tamriel into what it is today. I had to find something that would be covered over or pointed out by the midday sun. It was 11:30 AM, so I didn't have much time to waste.


I finally came around to part of the graveyard that was about to be hit by the shadow of the Imperial Tower as the sun passed behind it. It was nearly noon.


Directly in front of me was the Tomb of Prince Camarril. I walked around it, figuring this might be the enterance to the shrine. I looked around for a secret panel, small button, trap door, anything, but the tomb was as quiet as the dead body it contained.


It was almost noon. As the light changed to shadow be the sun going behind the Imperial Tower, I noticed the faint outline of a map. It was an outline of the province of Cyrodiil. A moment later, the outline was more pronounced.


I was about to try pushing on the door again, hoping that the time of day might open some magical lock, when suddenly the imprint on the door became a bright blood-red! There, in front of me, was a map with a marker on it! This had to be the location of the Mythic Dawn's hidden shrine.

Looking at the location on the map, it appeared to be close to the city of Cheydinhal.

There was no luck opening the tomb door. The only thing to be found here was the location of where I had to go if I here hoped to retrieve the Amulet of Kings.


I found my horse at the main gate of the Imperial City, jumped up and ran at full gallop to Cheydinhal. The Mythic Dawn has spies everywhere. I wanted to get there before any word of my discovery was made known.

I left my horse at the Cheydinhal stables, continuing on foot to the north. I still wasn't exactly sure of what I was supposed to be looking for. Most likely a cave, since an open-air shrine would be too easily discovered by hunters.


The air was turning cool and crisp as I headed north. The trees were changing color with the arrival of the month of Sun's Dusk. I arrived at a pond flowing into a waterfall. The water was cold and refreshing. I made my way around the upper level of the pond and noticed what looked like a pathway, so I decided to see where it led. After going around a huge boulder, I came up to a cave entrance. I had arrived at the Arrius Caverns. Somewhere inside was the shrine of the Mythic Dawn.


I made my way down a winding tunnel until I reached a larger cavern. There, by a huge pyre, I spotted a member of the Mythic Dawn. I decided to play the role of a person wanting to join. It would be my best hope of getting anywhere near the Amulet of Kings. As I drew nearer, the guard turned and approached me.


"Dawn is breaking." stated the guard.

"Greet the new day." I replied, almost without thinking.

"Welcome, sister." he replied, with an almost serine look in his face. "The hour is late, but the Master still has need for willing hands. You may pass into the Shrine. Harrow will take you to the Master for your initiation into the service of Lord Dagon."

He walked over to a nearby door, unlocked it, then continued "Do not tarry. The time of Preparation is almost over. The time of Cleansing is near."

Near? I didn't like the sound of that. It was as if I might be too late.


I hadn't taken more than ten steps into the next tunnel when I was approached by another member of this strange cult. "I am Harrow, Warden of the Shrine of Dagon." he announced. "By following the Path of Dawn hidden in the writings of the Master, Mankar Camoran, you have earned a place among the chosen."

I did a small bow in acknowledgement, trying to keep my hate for this cult buried deep within. This would not be the right time to strike.

"You have arrived at an opportune time." he continued. "You may have the honor to be initated into the Order by the Master himself. As a member of the Order of the Mythic Dawn, everything you need will be provided for you from the Master's bounty."

Harrow produced a pair of gloves and a red robe. "Give me your possessions and put on this initiate's robe."

I gave him everything I had. I didn't have a choice. Refusing now would blow my cover and stop me from getting into the shrine. I regretted giving up my weapon, given to me by Jauffre, and enchanted by me only a short time ago into a more powerful weapon. My potions were also forfit, as well as my clothing. I donned the robe given to me, along with the gloves. I still had my spells, which I felt would be more than enough weapons for any battle that came forth.


Harrow looked me over, approving of what he saw. I managed a weak smile, trying to look innocent.

"Very good." he said, finally. "Follow me. I will take you to the Shrine."

Well, like it or not, I was in for it now. And all I really wanted to do in my life was open a nice dress shop in Ald'Ruhn.








COMING UP: The Shrine of Mehrunes Dagon

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