Reports of Spies

Most of my day had been taken up closing the Oblivion Gate just outside of Chorrol, so it was very late at night when I finally arrived back at Cloud Ruler Temple.

Everyone not on watch was sound asleep, so I decided to join in this very intelligent idea by getting a good night's sleep myself. After all, one cannot go fighting monsters forever without a good nap now and then.


Jauffre rousted me out of my slumber much too early. "I see you have returned." he said. "I heard about the gate at Chorrol." he said, smiling. "I'm glad you were able to close it as quickly as you did."

I explained to him about the book I had given to Martin, and our hope that it could give us a way to recover the Amulet of Kings. Jauffre gave me a look of concern. "I hope Martin knows what he's doing with that evil book." he said. "I fear for what it could do to him if he's not careful."

"He has a good heart." I responded. "He knows the danger, so I think he'll be able to tread carefully through those pages."

"Let's hope you're right." he said.

"Oh, I almost forgot to mention," I said. "Martin told me to ask you about spies in the area.


"Ah, yes. I hope you can help." he responded. "The gate guards have reported seeing strangers on the road for the past several nights. Obviously, I cannot leave Cloud Ruler undefended while my men search the whole mountainside, but these spies must be eliminated."

"I would be happy to help." I said. "Any member of the Mythic Dawn that I can eliminate..."

Jauffre raised his hand. "Thank you." he said. Speak with Steffan. He can tell you where he has seen them. Oh, and Captain Burd in Bruma may also be able to help, you know. I have asked the Countess to have the guard keep an eye out for strangers. Track down the spies and kill them. Find out what they know and what they're planning first, if possible. We cannot allow the Mythic Dawn to operate spies in Bruma, it is too close to Martin for my comfort."

I checked with Steffan of the guard. He said that the spied were always spotted near a set of runestones at dusk.


I headed into Bruma and went straight to the castle. One fast question had me pointed right to Captain Burd. He said they had been asked to keep an eye out for strangers, but hadn't noticed anyone out of the ordinary recently. He had mentioned someone named Jearl coming back from a trip down south, but otherwise, there was nothing he could add. I would have to do some searching on my own. I didn't want to wait until dusk.


I decided to apply the direct approach, asking Jearl where she had visited. I checked out her modest little home, but the door was locked. I started asking some of the neighbors if they had seen her, but they all said they hadn't seen her at all recently.

Very odd, considering that people do go shopping for food eventually, go to the well for water, and so on.


I finally had luck with an old Nord. "Oh yeah," he said, in a half-drunking stupor, "she returned from a trip recently. I saw her with some stranger just outside her door a few nights ago."

"Do you know this other person?" I asked.

"Never seen her before." he replied. "Not from around here. But then again, I don't go poking my nose in other people's business. Now, if you don't mind, I have a hangover I still need to sleep off."


I returned to Captain Burd. "Jearl was back from her trip to the south," he said, "but she's not alone. She has a visitor; a stranger that no one knows about."


Burd seemed surprised. "Really?" he responded, stroking his chin in puzzlement. "That is odd. I knew for certain that she returned alone. I don't like it." He thought about it for a moment, then continued. "Since you're working with Cloud Ruler Temple, I'm going to authorize you to search Jearl's house. I'll pass the word to my men. We won't interfere."

"I appreciate that." I replied, knowing that I'd have been arrested for breaking into someone's house otherwise.

Burd continued. "I trust that you'll handle things...appropriately. The less I know about it, the better."

"I'll try to keep things quiet." I replied. As quiet as possible, I thought.





















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