Closing Oblivion Gates (for noobs) (continued)

I knew what to expect as we entered the base of the tower, but my entourage didn't. Four monsters guarded the base. I managed to slay one of them, while the others managed to hold their own with the other three creatures. I had to do a healing spell on one of the guards, as he suffered a very nasty gash on his arm.


Once the base of the tower had been cleared, we made our way up the long and winding corridors to the next level. At least five daedra met us in the next hall up. The battle was quick, but bloody. Some of these creatures were able to summon their own creatures, doubling their forces in seconds.


We managed to back the monsters to a wall. I shouted to the men to back away quickly. They did, and I shot a spell of God's Fire at the group of monsters, cutting them down in moments. More healing spells were needed for both guards and the Captain.


It wasn't long before we made our way to the top rung of the tower. We found a Sigil Keep guard there. Once dead, I showed the men that it was sometimes necessary to search for a key, as the top entry level was often secured with a lock that could not be picked.


Finally making it into the Stone Keep, we made short work of each of the guardians there, though one of the soldiers nearly lost his life in the battle. A round of healing spells put him right.


I pointed to the top of the chamber. "That's our goal." I shouted over the roar of energy around us. "That one stone is what keeps the Gate open. Once you have this area secured, just run up there and grab it."


I walked them up to the edge of the support structure and stepped on to the support ring.

"Once I grab this," I shouted over my shoulder, "you're going to see some serious, uh, stuff!"


With that, I grabbed the Sigil Stone from its perch. As expected, the lack of focus of all that energy caused a big mess in the room.


The room went to a brilliant white and yellow as the flow of power now had nothing to direct it. Magicka was everywhere. I heard one of the men shout, thinking we were going to die. I couldn't blame him, since I felt the same way the first time this happened to me.


Suddenly, a loud crashing sound was heard all around us, followed by silence. We were back at the entrance to where the Oblivion Gate had been. We had succeded!


Captain Burd came over and shook my hand. "It was an honor to serve with you, ma'am." he said. "Now that I've seen how it's done, I think my guardsmen and I can handle any new Gates that open near Bruma."

The other two guards that had gone in with us also came over, shaking my hand, patting me on the back.

"We showed those bastards a thing or do." one shouted. "Thank you!"


The guards left, heading back to the gates of Bruma. I just stayed there for a few minutes, listening to the birds chirping, as if it was the first time I had ever heard it. I had been so full of anger and hate for the Mythic Dawn lately that I hadn't had a thought about much of anything else except their destruction. And yet, here was a moment of peace for me, something I had given to others, and received a pat on the back for it, recognition for what I had done so far.

I knew this battle was far from other, but for the first time, even though I was a member of the Blades, I finally felt as if I was no longer alone in this fight.












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