The Ghosts of Sancre Tor (Continued)

I made my way through more of these catacombs, detecting yet another of the cursed Blades. I released a number of my summoned creatures to do battle with him. Eventually, his cursed bones were defeated, releasing his spirit, this one being Casnar. He seemed confused at first, then realized that I had freed him from the Underking's curse. Again, like Valdemar, after thanking me, he headed off to the Tomb of Tiber Septim. There was only one more cursed Blade to release. All I had to do was find him.


Two more wraiths confronted me. I released a bevy of creatures to fight them. It took several minutes, but eventually, my warriors won the day.

I continued down through the tunnels, eventually hearing the plodding sounds of skeleton feet on bare rock.


This had to be Alain, the last of the cursed Blades.

Feeling in a dangerous mood, I decided to put my summoned armor to the test and defeat this collection of cursed bones.


I used my spell of summoned armor, which appeared instantly, enshrouding me with heavy armor which was as light as a feather. Alain's enchanted sword struck me, draining life out of my body. I used a potion to restore life. It restored it faster that Alain's enchanted sword could drain it. I struck back at Alain's bones, blocking further strikes with my summoned shield. I made another strike, knocking the cursed Blade back. Quickly, I spun around, striking a fatal blow on the cursed bones. Now drained of life energy, they fell to the floor, releasing Alain's spirit.


"Stand aside in the name of Tiber Septim and the Blades!" he stated. "Hinder me at your peril!"

Not much of a thank you, but at least I knew that all four Blades had been released from their curse.


I followed this ghost all the way back to the tomb of Tiber Septim, saving me the trouble of having to find my way by myself.

It was nice to have a guide.

Pushing the heavy door inward, I stepped inside.


I had arrived just in time to see all four Blades take their positions at the entrance portal to the tomb. As they took their positions, each of them knelt down, blades out.


Each of them began to glow with an eerie white light. As I stood there watching, I felt something evil pass by me. I looked around, but couldn't see anything at all. Yet, I knew something had just gone past me.

The light of each spririt faided. I could no longer sense anything evil. They had succeeded! After all these centuries, the curse of this place had finally been lifted!


The ghost of Valdemar stood up, turned to me and stated "We have fulfilled our last duty. We go now to Aetherius without shame. Farwell.


Finally, the way to my goal was clear. I felt good about helping free these four Blades from their curse.

Slowly, I made my way through the darkened corridor, towards a source of light.


The corridor opened up to a large chamber. There, in front of a huge sarcophagus was a pedestal holding a single piece of armor. It was the armor of Tiber Septim himself.


Just out of respect of both the four Blades and the history of this piece of armor, I decided to do the right thing and perform a show of respect prior to taking my prize.

Once with me, I made my way out of the tomb and back to my horse. He seemed very glad to see me.


It was getting late, and since I was very close to Chorral, I decided go there for the night. It would be dark soon, and I didn't want any Mythic Dawn agents jumping out of dark shadows trying to get this armor out of my hands.


I finally made it to the front gate of Chorral just as the sun was setting. I stopped at the stable outside and made sure my horse would be cared for. I was becoming someone fond of this creature, so gentle, and yet knew when to run when danger threatened.

Once my horse was secured, I headed over to the Mages Guild offices and sacked out for the night.


The evening found me mixing a new batch of potions from the ingredients I had found along the way from Cloud Ruler Temple. This took more than a few hours, but it was worth it. These would come in handy, as most of them were potions to restore life, as well as restore and fortify magika.

The next morning, I changed clothes and headed out to the stable for my horse. This would be the mission to find aid for the defense of Bruma. My first stop would be the Imperial City and the Imperial Council.






COMING UP: Aid for Bruma and a Quest for a Stone

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