The Gate at Bravil

I made my way to the castle as quickly as I could. I had no idea how much time I'd have before Bruma was attacked, so there was no time for idle chit-chat.

"Yes, I know of you." the Count started. "I am Regulus Terentius, Count Bravil. I'm really rather busy, and doubt you have anything to say that I need to hear."

"Allow me to explain the reason for my being here." I asked. "I have been sent from Cloud Ruler Temple. Bruma is going to be attacked soon. Nearby is the heir to the Imperial Throne. Those responsible for the death of the Emperor will soon attack Bruma in order to gain access to him."

"An intriguing story." he responded. "What does this have to do with me?"

I couldn't help but think to myself "What a snot." but thought I'd better try honey instead of vinegar. "I have been sent here to ask that soldiers be sent to aid Bruma."


The Count seemed almost filled to the top of his head with indifference. "I wish I could help." he replied. "I understand the need to help defend the heir to the throne. It is a duty we all share. But with an Oblivion Gate threatening Bravil, I need all my soldiers here. After all, I do not want my city to become another 'Kavatch'. I'm sure you understand.

I could see his point, but I could also see that like Chorrol, I'd have to do him a favor.

"I'll see what I can do about that gate." I said. "I have some experience with closing them."

"I'll tell you what, Hero of Kavatch." he replied. "Close the gate, and you will have my support."


I headed out the main gate, and sure enough, shortly after my arrival, an Oblivion Gate had opened up.

I crouched low, hearing the calls of a few clanfears nearby, looking for an easy meal. Monsters were already coming out of the gate. If I didn't act soon, there would be untold numbers of creatures coming out of that thing.


I pulled out a battle-axe I had recently appropriated on one of my earlier journeys into the Bruma Gate, deciding to give it a try. I used it to make short work of the two clanfears and the daedroth wandering the area. I was in a pretty bad mood right now, and something was going to get the business end of this thing shortly.


I was attacked ss soon as I stepped into the gate.

The axe worked very well. I decided to keep using it for a while. If it worked this well as an ordinary weapon, I'd see about enchanting it once I got back to the Imperial City.


Several towers loomed before me, any one of which could be the tower supporting the Gate's operation.

Using the spell "Cloak of Shadows" I wandered about the bloody landscape, exploring several of the caves and side towers.

The sky crackled around me, exploding with thunder at the most unexpected moments. Even though I could not be seen, I still decided to tread lightly, not wishing to be heard by any of the guardian monsters here.


Several of the towers had controls at the top that opened up war gates on the ground, allowing access to other towers. Once in there, it was just a matter of making my way to just the right height, then using one of the bridges to the correct tower.

From there, I made my way up to the cupola, where I found the usual guardian monsters.


My battle-axe did its job, hacking the guardians into pieces. I let the cloaking spell wear off, then climbed on to the ring, grabbing the Sigil Stone from its perch.


I held my breath as the magical energies, no longer held in place by the stone, began to fly everywhere.

Once again, I felt like I was being turned inside-out as the Oblivion Gate began its collapse.


As before, I suddenly found myself at the former location of the gate as the energy around me faided.

All that was left was the sound of chirping birds in a nearby tree. The Count of Bravil would be happy to get my report of success.


"Yes, yes, send her in immediately!" I heard him shout to the guard announcing my return. I decided not to keep him waiting.

"It was you that closed that Oblivion Gate, wasn't it?" he exclaimed. "That was a brave thing to do."

"Yes." I replied. "But I only did what I had to do for the good of the Empire."

"And you shall have no less from me." he replied. "I will send my guard captain, Viera Lerus, to Bruma's aid. She is one of my best soldiers."

"I humbly thank you." I replied, doing a polite bow.


I left the castle, heading to the blacksmith's shop. I sold some of the weapons I had acquired in Oblivion, had my own equipment repaired, then headed back to the stable where I found my horse. He was waiting patiently for me, anticipating another hard run to the next city. I headed back to the main road, where I would head south to Leyawiin.












COMING UP: The Gate at Leyawiin

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