The Knights of Cheydinhal

I arrived at the gates of Cheydinhal as the last rays of sunlight were fading from sight.

As I stopped by the stable, I found an arrow that some bandit had shot into my horse's hindquarters. I pulled the arrow out and performed a healing spell on him. He seemed happy and content as I left him with a bucket of oats to nibble on, and I headed to the city entrance to speak with the Duke about acquiring some aid for Bruma.


"Oh, it's you!" the guard shouted. "The Hero of Kvatch! We are honored by your presence." he said, practically falling over himself with excitement.

"I must speak with the Duke." I said.

"Is it about the nearby Oblivion Gate?" he asked. "I'll bet that's what it is, isn't it. You're hear to save us like you did for the people of Kvatch. Oh, and we don't have a Duke. We have a Count. Count Indarys is his name."

"Well, I'll see what I can do. Thank you for correcting me." I said in reply. I could only assume there was yet another Oblivion Gate somewhere in the area threatening yet this city as well.


I entered the city, and decided to set up shop at the local Fighters Guild offices, so I headed there first. The two Oblivion Gates I had to close on my way up here from Leyawiin had tested the sharpness of my weapons, as well as the two-handed claymore I had taken off a dead Sigil Stone guardian.


The Fighters Guild porter was more than happy to put the weapons I had captured in good repair. Each of them would bring a pretty penny when sold, but only if they were in good condition. When he was done with the repair work, I asked him about what the door guard had told me about an Oblivion Gate.

"Oh, yes." he said. "It opened up just north of the city. But that's not the worst of it."

"Oh?" I asked. "You mean there's more to this piece of news?"

"Of course." he exclaimed. "It's the Count's son. He fancies himself as some kind of elete warrior. Very little training. Never joined a guild like ours. At most, he's had some instruction, but nothing like what the Guild offers. Well, this fool took himself and several of his followers, ran off into the Oblivion Gate to deal with the forces within, and hasn't been heard from since."

"I assume the Count is concerned." I said, half sarcastically.

"To say the least." the porter replied. "He has guards posted at the Gate itself, but none have dared to venture in after the Count's son."


This worried me. I knew what it was like to be on the other side of an Oblivion Gate. I had fumbled my way to the top of the first tower, closing my first Gate and lived to tell the tale. But this - this was just...foolishness on the part of the Count's son. For all I knew, in an act of bravery (or false bravado), he could very easily be in one of those bloody cages, getting mashed up to be used to fuel the Gates themselves. He went in there seeking fame and glory. I only went in because I had no other choice. I didn't want the fame, I wanted...

I thought for a moment. What did I want? Revenge? For Ald-Ruhn? No, not at first. As more Gates opened, that was part of my motive. But now? No, I thought. I had begun to realize this was bigger than me. There was something more important going on here. The Count's son had gone in there for the wrong reasons.


I spent the night at the Fighters Guild offices, then headed over to the Count's castle.

In the distant skys to the north, I could see those familiar red clouds and heard the rumble of distant thunder. That would be the effect of the Gate. No doubt about it.


I announced myself at the door. The first guard said the Count was too busy with defensive plans to talk with me, but the other guard interrupted him. "That's the The Hero of Kvatch." he said. "The Duke will definitely want to see her."

The first guard, realizing who I was, picked his jaw up off the floor and opened the door for me, announcing "The Hero of Kvatch has come, excellency."

I didn't wait for the Duke to bid me to come forth.


Count Andel Indarys was having a rather loud discussion with his Captian of the Guards about how many men to deploy, and where, when his attention turned to me.

"Ah, a hero approaches at just the right time." he said. "I ask for help from the Empire, and get one lone warrior." He looked me over for a moment, adding "Hmmm, and just a girl."

"Count Indarys," I said, "I come on behalf of those who protect the last heir of the Empire. I ask for aid to be sent to Bruma.


"Aid for Bruma, you say?" he snorted in response. "And what of aid for us here in Cheydinhal?"

He looked at his Captain. "My own son has gone inside the nearby Oblivion Gate north of here. Who will send aid to us? No one! How can I be expectetd to aid Bruma, or any other city in the Empire, when I barely have enough soldiers to protect my own people?"

"I had hear of your son's daring." I replied. "I am willing do see what I can do to help."


"You can do more than that." he shouted back. "You can bring my fool of a son back alive. Close that cursed Gate and bring my son back to me. Do this, and I may reconsider my decision about Bruma. Speak with Lamminus Gregori at the Gate. He's there waiting for my son to return."


I couldn't say I blamed him for his outburst. If I had a child, stuck somewhere in Oblivion, I'd be a little more than just upset.

I made the trek north through the forest, just following the high-pitched whine directly to the Oblivion Gate. As expected, I found a few of Oblivion's creatures in the area, all dead. The guards were doing their job, at least. I finally came upon the Gate. There were guards everywhere, including two who were slaying a daedroth that had recently wandered out of the Gate.


I found the leader of the guards, Captain Lamminus Gregori, near the Gate entrance.

"Better keep your distance." he shouted in warning. "These things can produce monsters at any time."

"Yes." I replied. "I'm very familiar with these things."

"Well, that's good then. Although nothing has come through since Farwill entered."

"That's the Count's son, correct?" I asked. "How long ago did he go in there?"


"Count Indarys' son, Farwill, entered the Oblivion Gate about two days ago with six other men. We haven't heard from them since then. The Count fears the worst, and has posted guards here so we can watch and see if anyone comes back."

He gave me a sad look. "So far, nothing. At this point, Count Indarys is offering a reward for the recovery of his son from inside the gate...or confirm news of his demise.

"It's my intention to go in there." I said. "I intend to close that gate. I've done it before."

Amminus looked at me as if I was crazy. "Well then," he replied, "if you find him or the rest of the Knights of the Thorn, get them out of there. Oh, and I'm sure the Count would also be pleased if the Gate was closed."

"Excuse me." I said. "Knights of the Thorn?"

Amminus gave me an amused look. "New to these parts, eh?"

"Well, not exactly new," I replied, "but I had never heard of this organization before."

"Ah, well, let me explain." he replied. "The Knights of the Thorn are a bunch of rabble who fancy themselves as true knights. Farwill formed the group around two years ago. Oh, they make grand boasts and stories, but that's all they are. Not sure how much training they might actually have, but I can say that their own bravado got them into this mess."

"What will he look like?" I asked.

"Farwill is a Dunmer, like you...just not as good looking." he replied. "He's wearing steel plate armor. His shield should bear the crest of the Knights. Nothing but the best for the Count's son."    


I checked my supplies. Health potions, magika potions, a good strong broadsword, and several enchanted items to help along the way.

It was hard enough closing an Oblivion Gate without having to worry about foolish individuals possibly getting in the way of a deadly shock spell, or getting in the way of a summoned creature. Somehow, I just knew this kid was going to be trouble.

Deep breath, Cloak of Shadows spell at the ready, I jumped once again into the Jaws of Oblivion.









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