The Knights of Cheydinhal (continued)

I managed to get the tower door open and found myself staring right back at a daedroth that was investigating the noisy door. The guys helped out by rushing to the attack.

There were (and always are) several guardians at the bottom section of the main tower. Rather than risk hitting someone with a spell by accident, I used my spell of Summoned Armor and joined in the battle. It took a healing potion for me and several healing spells for my two Knights to put things right.

"Where to next?" asked Farwill.

I pointed to the nearby door. "There's two of them." I said. "They both go up. Be careful, since there's always a guardian of some kind around every corner."


Well, they didn't listen to me very well, since the first corner we rounded had us encounter a Dremora Lord. He was not very happy to see us there, but before I could blast him with a spell of God's Fire, the guys ran in front of me (again, after I told them not to) and engaged the Dremora.

It was as if they really wanted to die a glorious death. Neither one of them realized that I had no desire to drag anyone's body all the way up to the top of this tower, then back to Cheydinhal.


It took almost five minutes of healing spells to fix all their wounds. I grabbed Farwill's shield and used the one repair hammer I had left to fix it. I only got a few dents out of it before the hammer finally gave out.

"Up this way." I said.

"You seem to know your way around." suggested Bremman.

"You could say I've done this several times before." I suggested in a rather coy manner. "Just follow me."


We fought our way all the way to the upper chamber of the tower, saved in most cases by my healing spells after each battle. Farwill meant well, but he really needed to get some professional training in dodging attacks and blocking with his shield.

"How do we get up into that top-most section, where all this magic energy is going?" he asked.

Again, I pointed to the door just down the walkway from where we entered.


Another battle ensued, again because Farwill wouldn't wait for me to use my usual summoned creatures to do the fighting for me. When the fighting was over, I called for both Farwill and Bremman. Farwill had made it up to the upper level of this section, but we couldn't find Brenman. We finally found him at the lower part of the chamber.

I rushed down the stairs to him, but it was too late. I figured he had falling off the upper level during the fighting. His neck was broken.

"There is nothing I can do for him." I told Farwill.

"His name will live on forever in song." he replied. "What about that Sigil Stone?"

"Back up the stairs." I said.


I ran up the stairs to the second level of the upper chamber, Farwill close behind.

"What in the world are we standing on?" he asked. "It feels...odd under my feet."


"That's human flesh." I replied. "Stretched out tight."

Farwill thought for a moment. "This place is horrible. Certainly no place for a woman." he said.

"Farwill," I replied, "your friend is dead because you jumped into this place ill-prepared for what you would find here. Five other good men are dead for the same reason. Just between you and me, don't worry about whether or not this place is fit for someone like myself or not. Rather, use your wealth to buy some training. It certainly won't hurt in the long run, and could save your life for the next Gate you have to close when I'm not here to do healing spells on you."


Farwill stood speechless while I walked over to the Sigil Stone, pulled it from its perch and watched the as yet another Oblivion Gate collapsed.


The collapsed Gate dropped us right back at the entry point. Farwill's armor had taken so much damage that it practically fell off of him.

He apologized for being so arrogant, promising to get more training in swordsmanship and blocking skills. He offered me a membership as one of the Knights of the Thorn. I accepted out of kindness.


"You did it!" shouted "Amminus Gregori. "I didn't think it would have been possible."

"Oh, I've done this a few times before." I said in reply. "It's pretty old for me now."

"Well, you should certainly see the Count." he replied. "I'm sure he'll have a reward of some kind for you for the safe return of his son."


I returned to Cheydinhal and the Count's castle to report on my success. The Count was, needless-to-say, overjoyed at the return of his son.

"I am overjoyed that you saved my son's life." he said. "I realize he's trying at times, and he speaks before he thinks, but he's still my son, and I adore him greatly."


"I'm sure he was difficult to travel with, and I respect your patience. Most would have given him up for dead rather than deal with his ego."

The Count didn't know how close he came to the truth.

"Anyway, I digress." he continued. I'm sure you wish to hear of your reward. I'm in possession of two fine weapons. They're both heirlooms of the Indarys family, held in the castle for several generations. I'd take great pleasure in bestowing one of them upon you."

He had one of his servents bring two items from a back room.

"Please," he continued, pointing to them, "choose the Thornblade or the Staff of Indarys."

I chose the Thornblade. The Count smiled, handing it to me himself. "May it serve you as well as it has my family, especially in this time of crisis."

I bowed, taking the blade from him.

"Again," he said, "I think you on behalf of all the citizens of Cheydinhal, and I especially thank you as an elated father."

"Count Indarys," I stated, "I must ask once again for aid for Bruma.

"Yes." he said, interrupting me. "You have earned my trust. I shall send some of my best troops to Bruma."

"Thank you, Count Indarys." I said, bowing humbly.

Farewell," he replied, "and may Arkay guide you."


I packed my things up and headed back to my horse. This would be another fast run, first to the Imperial City to enchant some of the weapons I was now carrying, and then off to the distant city of Skingrad, followed by the city of Anvil.










COMING UP: Attack at Skingrad!

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