Attack at Skingrad

I left Cheydinhal in a cloud of dust, traveling west along the Blue road, then the Red Ring road, stopping at the Imperial City's Arcane University. I decided to enchant one of my new weapons to put a soul trap spell on anything non-human that it was used against. Soul-trapping is extremely useful for filling soul-gems that can be used to re-charge enchanted weapons. This would come in very handy for me, since some of the weapons I used needed to be re-charged often.

From there, we headed south, picking up the Gold Road, heading first for Skingrad, and eventually, further southwest to the coastal city of Anvil. I figured once I was done with my mission in Anvil, I could stop by the ancient city of Miscarcand and find the Great Welkynd Stone that Martin needed.

I considered myself lucky that I had a fast horse. We blew right past bandits and trolls, and I didn't notice a single new Oblivion Gate on the way. That was, until I could see the spires of Skingrad up ahead. Just then, I could hear the familiar high-pitched whine that was all-too familiar to me. It was yet another Oblivion Gate, and it had opened up right on an ancent altar of one of the gods. I jumped in and gave Soul Drinker (the name I had given my new sword) a number of practice swings. It worked very well. So well, in fact, that I ran out of soul gems to put creature souls into.

I managed to close the gate and ended up, as usual, right where I had started.


I made sure my horse was cared-for, since he had done a wonderful job of getting me here so quickly.

Once that was done, I headed into the city, and then up to the mountain top, where the Count's castle overlooked the city.

I was just hoping that there wasn't another gate nearby that I had to close first before having him agree to send aid to Bruma.


I was greeted by an Argonian at the door. "I am Mercator Hosidus." she hissed. "What is your business here?"

"I am Shakula." I stated. "I have come to ask for aid for Bruma."

Mercator thought for a moment. "I believe the Count may want to handle this matter personally." she finally stated. "Sit and rest there." she said, pointing to a nearby chair. "I will tell the Count you are waiting to see him."

I was a little aprehensive. I had heard odd rumors about Count Hassildor, such as he would never see anyone directly, only coming out after sundown, leading to rumors about his true nature. Possibly eccentric, to be sure, but then I had dealings with the very rich in the past, and they all had their strange ways, so I felt that it was much ado about nothing.

Then the Count came down the stairs, and it was all I could do to keep my composure.


It was something about his eyes. They could pierce right through you.

"I'm sorry." he started. "We've not met. I am Janus Hassildor, Count Skingrad."

As he spoke, I could see that at least one rumor about the Count was true. He was a vampire!

"Count Hassildor," I started, "I have come on behalf of the Empire to ask that you send aid to the city of Bruma."


"My dear," he replied, staring at my in a most uncomfortable way, "Mehrunes Dagon has no more love for my kind than for my mortal subjects. Less, perhaps, as we make...poor slaves."

I couldn't help notice those fangs as he spoke. I wondered if he noticed I was trying not to stare at them.

"You have helped me by closing the Oblivion Gate near Skingrad." he continued. "I will likewise help you by sending aid to Bruma."

"Thank you, Count Hassildor." I replied, bowing politely, trying not to look at the fangs.

"Now, if you will excuse me, I must attend to arrangements of sending said troops to Bruma." he said with a polite bow of his own. "As you head towards the door, please be careful. The stairs.....can be treacherous."


I found my self a little puzzled and confused. I had always thought of vampires as foul creatures. I had killed a number of them, hiding in caves and old forts, feeding on the blood of those foolish to wander into their lair. And yet, here was one that actually cared for his people.

How odd. A civilized vampire. What would I find next?

I headed up the stairs to the main door, noting that one of the steps had a loose stone on it. The stairs certainly were treacherous.

























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