"They sicken of the calm that know the storm."
                                ----- Dorothy Parker

It only too my horse a few hours to gallop all the way to the location of the ancient Ayleid city of Miscarcand.

I had investigated several of these ancient cities, finding a number of stones that could recharge enchanted weapons, rings, and even clothing. However, I also learned that they were guarded by a number of creatures, mainly skeletons.


According to what Martin had told me, this was one of the most extensive set of Ayleid ruins in all of Cyrodiil, the Capital of an ancient Ayleid kingdom from long before the rise of men.

Referred to in legend as the Wild Elves, they preserved what were called Dawn Era magicks. According to what I had heard about them, they were not very kind to others, especially men. It is said that some time in the first era that Alessia started some kind of uprising of humans against the cruel Ayleid overlords.


According to legend, someone by the name of Pelinal Whitestrake, who really hated the Ayleid lead an army that pretty much wiped out the Ayleid armies.These ruins are all that remain of that ancient culture. I found a few goblins in the grounds outside the broken pieces of stone, but they were no match for something they could not see. After chasing down and eliminating a few goblins, I finally managed to find the main entrance to the city's underground section.     


Inside the chambers, I managed to make my way down the winding stairs and corridors, eventually coming up to a most unusual sight: already-dead goblins.

I checked both of them and found that this was a recent kill.


I looked into the next chamber. I could hear the screeching of other goblins "talking" to each other, but no hint as to what had killed the two goblins I had encountered.

Whatever killed them was no friend of goblin or Dunmer; it just killed whatever it found in the wrong place.


In another chamber I found two patroling guardians that had slain the gobins.

As expected, the undead. These ruins would be full of them.

A spell of God's Fire on each of them did the trick. I just hoped they didn't come back later.


I wandered around from room to room, corridor to corridor, eventually finding myself retracing my own steps. I found a gate, but whatever opened it was no where to be found. Usually there would be a button or stone to step on, but there was none to be found. I would have to find another way into the deeper recesses of this place.


I made my way back to a larger room, finding myself on a large catwalk. There was another cage door at the end, and again, no way to open it. There were a few goblins in the area below the catwalk screaming at me, begging for a fight. I summoned a few creatures to oblige them. I let my summoned creatures do most of the work, but eventually summoned my own armor, jumped down to the lower level and helped finish the job.

After checking out the walkway, it led back up the to the upper level I had just left, and there was the button needed to be pressed. It not only opened the metal gate I had reached before, but also released the gate at the end of the walkway. I could finally enter the next chamber.


And in the next chamber, more of the undead.

Another spell of God's Fire made short work of this one, and I got a nice bow out of it in the process.

Going further into the heart of this ruined city, I heard a terrible battle raging, screaming, smashing of swords and maces into shields.

I wondered if there was some other adventure-seeker in here with me.


Imagine my surprise when I found it was a group of goblins against several skeleton warriors.

The warriors won the battle, saving me the trouble of dealing with some pretty tough goblins.

Two more spells of God's Fire did the trick of taking the skeleton warriors of my list of things to worry about.


Once the skeleton warriors were eliminated, I was free to check out this chamber. In the center of the room was a huge metal cover setting on top of a pedestal. I had seen these before. Checking around the room, I found the button I was looking for.


I hit the button, and as expected, the heavy metal case lifted up to reveal a Welkynd Stone underneath. This was a good find, as these were very helpful to have for recharging magica, but it wasn't the stone I was looking for.

I took it anyway. No sense in leaving it here for the dead gobins to enjoy.


I continued going deeper into the chambers, encountering more undead guardians, and even a few gobins that had survived to get this far down.

It was odd how light from these ancient crystals still provided light, even though they were centuries old.

Everywhere I turned, there were little noises, water dripping, mice squeeking, anything that constantly made me turn and look, thinking it might be something sneaking up behind me.


I went through another doorway and down a set of stairs. There was a doorway to lower section of this chamber, but I decided to check out the upper chamber instead. It led to a catwalk. As I followed the path, I saw something in the distance. It was almost a brilliant white light, even this far away.


I peered ahead. It was a bright object, similar to the stones I had seen earlier, but different, brighter than any of the crystals providing light in this place.


I cautiously made my way towards the light. I couldn't believe it! I had found a Great Welkynd Stone. According to Martin, this was one of the last ones known to exist.

And it was within my reach.





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