Miscarcand (continued)

I carefully approached this prize. According to Martin, strange things protect this stone, though if they did, they weren't doing much to prevent my stroll down the walkway.

Where were the monsters? The skeletons? Trolls? Anything. The place was much too quiet for my liking.


I took nearly five minutes walking around the stone, looking for a trip wire, trigger, pressure plate on the floor, anything that might set off some sort of trap.

Nothing. Not even a dead body nearby that might rise up suddenly to fight me. It was just the stone and me, all alone here.

Satisfied that I had checked everything I could. I reached out and snatched it from it's perch, putting it in my satchel for safekeeping.


Suddenly, from down below, stones began to move upwards, forming a set of stairs. Three set of them - one at the end of the walkway, and two of the sides.


No trip wire was found, but something noticed that the stone was gone!

I pulled out my sword, ready for action. From down below, I could hear the moaning of tortured bodies.


Up the stairs came the first of three zombie guardians. These guys would be tough to fight.


I dodged the swing and sharp fingers of one of the zombies, but saw two more coming up the stairs.

My blade hit them, but mainly knocked them aside.


And now for something completely different, a new player was being introduced from a secret chamber he had been locked in.


Martin mentioned something about the vengeful spirit of this place's last king still haunting these halls. It was no rumor. I could see him approaching as I continued keeping the zombie guardians at bay.


The zombie guardians kept me pretty busy. It was dodge and thust, keep jumping to a different position, then repeat.

I finally managed to defeat two of the zombies, but a third one refused to go down. The king's spirit approached.


Suddenly, the dead king let loose with a blast of fire. I dodged it, and the thing screamed in anger.


I knocked the zombie guardian back with another swipe of my blade. I could see the king's spirit getting ready to let loose another spell at me.


And he did. This blast hit me. It wasn't fire, as I thought. It was a drain-health spell, and it hurt!

I positioned myself so that the zombie guardian was between the king and myself. His next blast caused the zombie to scream in agony.


Taking advantage of the zombie guardian's distraction, I used the Cloak of Shadows spell to go invisible. I vanished in a puff of green mist, leaving these creatures to wonder where their victim had gone.

I had no time to play with them. I had a mission to complete, and it was more important than the glory of defeating these ancient evils.


It took me almost an hour to get back to the surface, having to find my way back up the twists and turns of this place. Eventually, I found my horse at a nearby abandoned bandit's camp.


The bandits had been eliminated earlier by one of the members of the Imperial Legion, so the camp was mine for the night.

It was late, and rather than try to make a run for Cloud Ruler Temple in the dark, I decided to wait until morning.






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