Preparing for Battle

I had just purchased a home in Bruma, but all my equipment and potions were still stored the the city of Chorrol. Before this battle began, I would need a number of restore magica and healing potions, as well as potions to enhance my magical capabilities. I would be using a lot of everything.

I met Martin at the Temple of Talos. He was discussing his battle plans with the Countess. I explained what needed to be done to both of them.

"Do what must be done, but hurry." he replied, "The enemy has been opening one gate after another lately, more so than the last few days."

"I promise I will return within a day." I said.

"Then we will hold out until you return." replied Martin. "You have not failed us so far. I expect you will not fail us this time either."


I found a good place in my new home, lower section, right near several chests that were within arm's reach of where I was standing. I figured I would be coming in very, very heavy.

Carefully, I cast the spell of Mark. I walked out of the room, and cast Recall and found that I was exactly where I wanted to arrive.

I kept myself light as possible, and kept one sword with me for the trip to Chorrol.


I left via the back gate of Bruma and ran all the way back up to Cloud Ruler Temple. There, I grabbed my horse and ran him at full gallop through the forests and trees all the way to Chorrol.

We ran right past three bandits and two trolls. The bandits shot several arrows after us but missed as we turned a curve in the road. The two trolls didn't even see us coming until we went right past them. I could hear them roar with anger as they both realized they had just missed what might have been an easy meal.


I made it to Chorrol safely. I left my horse with the stablemaster outside the city, then ran all the way to the third floor of the Mages Guild offices. I had a multitude of items to retrieve from my storage box.

I tried my best to make everything fit.


Once I had gathered all of my possessions, I slowly stood up. I almost fell over, but managed to maintain my position. Spells don't work while you lie on the floor, so I had to balance myself carefully with all this weight.

Once I felt I was stable, I cast Recall.

The room around me turned to a blaze of purple light....


......and as it faided, I found myself back in my new home in Bruma.

As quickly as I could I placed extra potions, soul gems, weapons, enchanted items in their boxes.


Once that project was done, I picked up my enchanted armor, bow, sword, and over 100 arrows. The sword was enchanted with a spell of 15 seconds of silence, preventing and enemy from summoning creatures or casting any spells at me. The bow would do the same thing. The armor, while not providing me with much physical protection had one important enchantment; each part was enchanted to increase my marksmanship skills. A number of these creatures that would come through the Oblivion Gates would summon other creatures to their aid. It was my plan to try and silence as many of them as possible. It would help even the odds in our favor. I also took a number of potions to restore and enhance magica, as well as a healthy number of restore health potions, since I knew that healing spells were going to be of little help in the upcoming battle.

Once prepared, I headed back to the Temple of Talos to meet again with Marin the the Countess.


I found everyone right were they needed to be.

Martin waved me over to speak with me.


"I see you have returned as quickly as promised." he said.

"I am using enchantments to increase my marksmanship skills." I advised. I this bow will provide each arrow with a spell of 15 seconds of silence.".

"And the sword?" he asked.

"Same spell." I replied. "It is my intention to try and prevent some of these creatures from summoning more creatures to their aid."

"You plan your tactics well." he replied. "They will most certainly attempt to do exactly what you expect. Now, once you are ready, advise the Countess, and she will have her men instructed to stop closing the gates." 


I turned to Countess Carvain. "Countess," I said, "all preparations have been made. I believe we are ready to begin this battle."

She gave me a serious look. "You are a diplomat as well as a warrier, it seems." She gave a sad look around her, as if looking at this temple for the last time. "I would prefer more men, of course, but if we must offer battle now, so be it!"


She turned to the Captain of the guard next to her. "Captain, instruct your men to stop closing the Oblivion gates. Let's invite them into our trap this time."

The Captain bowed, and made his way out of the Temple. He returned a few minutes later, advising that a new gate had just opened up a short walk away from the city gates.


With this news, we all headed out of the temple, and towards the gate to meet the enemy face-to-face.

Everyone in the city turned out to give us a proper send-off. Shop-keepers, the rich, the not-so rich, and even the street beggers stood by cheering us on, shouting "Hail Martin".

All I could do was hope that we didn't disappoint them.












COMING UP: The Battle to Save Bruma

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