A Walk in Paradise (continued)

We finally came to the end of the tunnel, reaching another door. Since I was no longer wearing the Bands of the Chosen, the door opened for us, and we entered another garden.

"He is up there." said Eldamil, pointing towards a castle-like structure.

"What are we waiting for?" I replied. "Let's get this over with."


Once again, Mankar Camoran invaded my head as I headed towards his stronghold.

"Well done, champion! Your progress is swift and sure. Perhaps you will reach me after all. You think I mock you? Not at all. In your coming, I hear the footsteps of Fate. You are the last defender of decadent Tamriel. I am the midwife of the Mythic Dawn, Tamriel Reborn. I welcome you, if you truly are the agent of Fate. I tire of the self-styled heroes who set themselves in my path, only to prove unworthy in the event."              


Apparently, based on what he just said, I was not the only one set against this madman. As we approached the Mankar's stronghold, two figures came down from the main entrance to greet us. I had killed each of them earlier. They were Ruma and Raven Camoran.

I had my weapon ready, but they did not attack. Instead, they came instead to taunt.


Ruma spoke first.

"You did not expect to see me again, did you?" she spat. "You have no grasp of the power that my father has at his command. You think you can stop us? Soon Mehrunes Dagon will walk upon Tamriel for the first time since the Mythic Age, and our victory will be complete."

She gestured towards the entrace. "Come, my father is waiting to welcome you to Carac Agaialor."


I turned to her brother, Raven. "I suppose you have something to say to me?" I can taunt, too.

"So, you're here at last." he said. "The lackey of the Septim pretender. You still think you have a chance, don't you."

"Hope springs eternal." I said back with a smile.

"We knew you would find your way here eventually. But it is of no consequence. You should not keep my father waiting any longer. He expected you hours ago. Come. You came here to see him, did you not?"

"Well, if he expected me hours ago, he shouldn't have made it so hard to get to his door." I replied sarcasticly. "I'm a very busy girl. Lead on, lackey of Mankar."


If I'm about to die, I figured I can do some taunting and name-calling, too. The worst they could do was kill me. And that right was reserved for their daddy. I could get away with anything right now with these two kids.

We headed up the stairs and walked towards the door.


Once inside, brother and sister left my side and headed towards the throne of Mankar Camoran's little kingdom.

Eldamil stayed close behind me, trying to look as though he was still with the Mythic Dawn. I didn't know if Mankar was aware of the fact that Eldamil was a turncoat or not.


At last, I was in the heart of this evil place. Mankar Camoran sat before me, wearing the Amulet of Kings.

And here I was, surrounded by enemies and only one guy with a dagger behind me on my side.

The last child of Ald'Ruhn had arrived to exact revenge for so many deaths.




















COMING UP: The Battle for the Amulet of Kings

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