The Amulet of Kings
"Your hate has made your powerful."
---- Emperor Palpatine, just prior to Darth Vader giving him the shaft.

"Mankar Camoran, I presume." I said, as I approached the throne. "Allow me to introduce myself. I am Shakula. I am here as a representative of the victims Ald'Ruhn.

Camoran smiled, as if he was truly glad to see me. "Ald'Ruhn?" he replied. "Perhaps. Several great gates have been opened in the other provinces. The settlement you spoke of might have been one of them. It matters not to me. Their blood was used as fuel for the Sigil Stones for other gates, as will happen to the blood of those who do not follow us.

He looked the situation over, then motioned for me to approach.


I took a few more steps closer. Mankar stood, waving his guard to stand down. "I have waited a long time for you, Champion of Old Tamriel." he stated. "You are the last gasp of a dying age. You breath the stale air of false hope."

"It didn't smell so stale to me, or my family that you had killed for your folly." I retored.

Mankar gave another smile, as if he was trying to educate a young child. "How little you understand." he said softly. "You cannot stop Lord Dagon."        


"He was stopped once before by Almalexia of the Tribunal." I reminded him. "She defeated him at the battle of Mounhold, so it IS possible."

"And where is this warrior now?" he responded. I can tell you on good authority, she is no longer alive." He turned, grinning at one of his children, continuing "The walls between our worlds are crumbling. The Mythic Dawn grows nearer with every rift in the firmament."      


He turned back to me, glaring. "Soon, very soon, the lines now blurred will be erased. Tamriel and Oblivion rejoined! The Mythic Age reborn! Lord Dagon shall walk Tamriel again. The world shall be remade. The new age shall rise from the ashes of the old. My vision shall be realized."

"Vision?" I interrupted. "Death and destruction? Your's is a perversion of how things should be."

"Through my actions, the world will be made better!" he shouted back. "Weakness will be purged from the world, and mortal and immortal alike purified in the refiner's fire."

"And remade into what YOU consider to be what things should be like." I responded. "Other madmen have said the same idea and failed.

"Your opinion matters not to me, child." he responded sarcastically. "You act out of hatred for me, for what I am trying to accomplish. My long duel with the Septims is over, and I have the mastery."            


"The Emperor is dead." he continued, proud of his accomplishments. He touched the Amulet around his neck. "The Amulet of Kings is mine." he continued. "And the last defender of the last ragged Septim stands before me, in the heart of my power."

He chuckled as I drew my sword.

"A battle?" he asked.     

"Yes." I replied, "But not out of hatred. Yes, this blade will swing, not just on behalf of Ald'Ruhn, but for the greater good of the Empire. Because what you seek if an Empire of Evil."

"You wish to possess the Amulet? Very well. Let us see who at last has proven the stronger! Take it if you can!"


I swung the Blade of Silence at Mankar, striking him slightly as he attempted to dodge my attack. Slight as it was, the enchantment of the blade did it's work, preventing him from casting any summoning spells. The same could not be said for his two children, however, as they instantly came to their father's defense.

I summoned a Strorm Atronach as a distraction while taking a swing at Mankar's children. Raven Cameron came forward to his father's defense, while Eldamil too on Ruma Camoran.


I didn't have time to summon any more creatures to my aid. Raven had summoned his Mythic Dawn armor before I could strike him with the Blade of Silence. Mankar tried using his staff on me, but was silenced. Ruma fought viciously against Eldamil while I fought blade-to blade against Raven.


Raven's blade struck me. It was enchanted to cause my armor to disintegrate. I knew I had to act fast. Eldamil would not be able to keep Ruma occupied for long.

I spun around 360 degrees, knocking Raven back for a moment. All of them were backed into the same line of attack.

Quickly, before Raven could make another attack, I shot a spell of God's Fire right in the middle of the entire group. It didn't matter who I hit, since the blast would affect anyone within several feet of where the ball of fire hit.


The spell did it's job, killing Mankar's two children, and unfortunately, Eldamil along with it. Mankar, had managed to survive the blast, but not by much.

"Not enough destruction power, fool!" he taunted. He returned fire with a spell of his own, my silence spell having finally worn off. He hit me with his own destruction spell, trying to rob me of my life force. One of my health potions managed to save my life.



















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