Return to the Imperial City

After returning to my new home in Bruma, I sorted out a few potions I thought I might need (just in case a fight broke out during our trip to the Imperial City), selected my most absolutely best gown, an appropriate sword that was functional yet non-intrusive to a regal function (such as crowning an Emperor), then headed out to end this odd journey I had started on so long ago.

On my way towards to the gate that would take me to Cloud Ruler Temple, I almost bumped into something that hadn't been there before.


I hadn't remembered this statue here before, but after a few moments, I recognized the figure standing before me, all bold and daring and such, leading a charge to defeat the enemies of not only Bruma, but of the entire Empire.

It was a statue of myself!


I started at the statue, then realized something amazing. This thing would be standing here long after I was old and dead. People would be speaking of me, of the Battle of Bruma for hundreds of years from now.

How odd a fate, for someone who wanted nothing more in her life than to just open a nice dress shop somewhere.


I went out of the gate and headed directly towards Cloud Ruler Temple.

I couldn't help keep a sheepish grin off of my face. A statue. Of me. In my honor.

Well, I hoped that I would prove worthy of the work and expense to put it there. After all, Martin wasn't Emperor yet, and this one last detail needed to be resolved before this Oblivion Crisis was finally put to bed.


"I see you have returned." said Martin, watching me climb the steps to the main door of the Temple. "Are you ready to go with us to the Imperial City?"

"Yes." I replied. "We should leave at once."

"Agreed." replied Brother Jauffre. "Every second we are without an Emperor means Oblivion Gates will still be opening anywhere in the Empire."


We headed towards the main gate, Jauffre and Martin collected their horses. "Where is your horse, Shakula?" asked Martin.

"I had to ride it to Chorrol just before the Battle of Bruma." I replied. "I used a spell to return me here as quickly as possible, meaning my horse is still there. I hadn't had time to go back there and retrieve it."

"You may have mine for this trip." offered Jauffre.

"Thank you for your kindness." I replied. "I can run, and the exercise will do me good." I said with a grin.

"As you wish." he replied.

With that, we set out towards the Imperial City, its tall tower visible in the distance. We took the Silver Road straight south, encountering two trolls and a bear along with way. My spell of God's Fire took care of each of these obsticles in short order, ensureing that neither of my two charges were ever in danger. Once we were far enough, we connected with the Red Ring Road, heading west towards the main entrance to the Imperial city. Another bear along the way, and another spell of God's Fire took care of the danger it posed.


We had finally made it to the Imperial City. The guard at the gate recognized me, then his gaze met Martin's. He fell to one knee, stating how wonderful it was that the rumors of a true heir to the throne were not those of some wild crazy person.

We made our way into the city, past the statue of Akatosh in the courtyard, then headed directly towards the path that would take us to the central ring of the city, and the famous White Gold Tower.


We entered the main courtyard and headed to the steps leading to the main entrance to the tower. Suddenly a guard came over to us. "Yes, it is you!" he exclaimed. "I will announce your arrival to the High Chancellor at once!"

With that, he quickly turned and headed to the tower entrance. Suddenly, the Captain of the Guard came over, seeing who had just arrived.


"Sire," he stated, "all of Tamriel is pleased at your safe arrival. If you have any need...."

Martin, now used to all this attention, handled the announcement with all the calm and demeanor of a true Emperor. "Thank you, Captain." he replied. Our first order of business will be with the High Chancellor, then immediately to the Temple of the One."

"Understood, sire." came the reply. "We will be ready to take you there as soon as you are ready."


With that, the Captain gave way. Martin gave me a smile. I gave him a wink in return. He had truly made the move from priest to warrior, and from warrior to diplomat in record time.

With that, we both followed Jauffre into the main entrace to the White Gold Tower.

Soon, very soon, this would be over, and the events of the last few months would be nothing more than a faided memory.


The guards showed us directly to the chamber of the Elder Council. High Chancellor Ocato was there, waiting for us. 

"Chancellor Ocatto," announced Jauffre, "may I introduce you to Martin Septim, the last living heir of Uriel Septim."


Chancellor Ocato bowed politely to Martin. "I have been expecting you." he said. He then turned to Jauffre, continuing "The full Council has already considered the matter of Martin's claim to the Imperial Throne in detail."

"What were their findings?" I asked.

"To be honest," he replied, "no one has a quarrel with his claim. He wears the Amulet of Kings, and only a true Septim may do so."


With that, Chancellor Ocatto bent down on one knee. "Martin Septim," he announced, "on behalf of the Elder Council, I accept your claim to the Imperial Throne."

Martin bowed politely in return.

Ocato continued, "There have been Oblivion Gates opening just a short distance from the Imperial City, your highness. We should arrange the coronation ceremony as soon as...."


And that was the end of the good news for the day. From outside the walls, we could hear shouting, the clashing of swords against shields. Suddenly, an imperial legion messenger came running into the chamber.








COMING UP: The Battle with the Big Cheese Himself

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