The Final Battle (continued)
"It is a far, far better thing that I do, than I have ever done;
it is a far, far better rest that I go to, than I have ever known."
                                               ----- Charles Dickens (A Tale of Two Cities)

I turned to Martin. "We're too late!" I said. He is here.

Martin looked at the huge monster in dispair. "The Dragon Fires will no longer help us. The barriers that protected us from Oblivion are gone."

"Is there a way we can cast him back into Oblivion?" I asked.

"I don't see how." he replied. "Mortal weapons may hurt him, but now that he is physically here in Tamriel, they have no power to actually destroy him."

"Well, that rules out any weapon you or I have." I replied. Then I looked at Martin's chest. "What about the Amulet of Kings?" I asked.

Martin touched the Amulet. "Wait. Yes." he replied. "The Amulet was given to mortals by Akatosh. It contains his divine power."

"But how can we use that power against Dagon?" I asked.

"I'm not certain." he replied. "The Amulet was not intended as a weapon."

A daedra came by, lunging right at Martin. I blocked it with my shield and the two of us killed the monster. "We don't have much time left." I said. "We can't keep this up forever."

"I have an idea." said Martin, "One last hope. I must reach the Dragonfires in the Temple of the One."

I thought he said the Amulet couldn't be used as a weapon. "But I thought you said...."

"You'll just have to trust me." he replied. "I now know what I was born to do. But I'll need your help. I have to get past Mehrunes Dagon somehow."


My armor vanished, the spell having worn off. I re-summoned my armor. "I'll get you there, Martin." I said. "Stay behind me and keep close.


I fought my way past two daedroth standing in our way. Mehrunes Dagon stood looming before us, apparently unaware of the fact that the person just behind me was the very person he was here to defeat.

Sometimes, you can be too big for your own good.

We made it to the entrance of the Temple of the One. I forced the door open, checking to see if any creatures were lurking about. There were none. I motioned Martin that it was safe to enter. As he went in, another daedroth came charging behind him. My shield blocked it, and after several hard blows, the monster fell dead at my feet. At the same time, my summoned armor spell wore off.


I turned to ask Martin if he could find any kind of rock or piece of fallen building that could be used to hold the door. I found him praying silently, his mouth moving, but whispering something so softly that I couldn't hear it over the roar of battle outside the temple walls.

"What do we do next, Martin?" I asked.

He raised his eyes to me. It was a sad look, as if all hope had been lost to him.


"Shakula," he said in a sad voice, "I do what I must do. I cannot stay to rebuild Tamriel. That task falls to others."

"What do you mean?" I asked. "Stay? Where are you going?"

He could see the confusion in my face, putting his hand on my shoulder for comfort. "You've been a good friend, in the short time that I've known you. But now I must go. Farewell. The Dragon waits."


The Dragon? I wondered what he meant.

Martin headed to the middle of the Temple of the One. As he stood where the fires should have been, the roof suddenly came apart around us. Debris fell everywhere, and suddenly the temple was open to the sky. Mehrunes Dagon swiped away pieces of the Temple wall that were in his way, and stepped in to this holy place to claim his prize.






Martin touched the Amulet of Kings, whispering a spell. Suddenly, the Amulet started to glow.







A few moments later the Amulet burst into brilliant rays of light.






Martin began to lift off the ground, the Amulet now bursting with white light.





Martin begin to fade, becoming one with the brilling light. It was as if Martin and the Amulet were becoming one.




Martin vanished completely, as did the Amulet of Kings. The result was a huge column of energy. It shot straight up into the sky, destroying several more of the columns in the Temple.


Suddenly, the flash of brilling light formed a dragon. Martin had found a way to tap directly into the Amulet of Kings, using it's power to bring forth Akatosh himself!













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