The Final Battle (continued)

Martin knew there was no way mortals could combat a god. The last time Mehrunes Dagon came to the mortal world, it took a member of the Tribunal, Almalexia, herself a living god, to defeat him. Akatosh took one look at Mehrunes Dagon, then took off on powerful wings, ripping flesh out of the shoulders of Mehrunes Dagon with his huge talons.


Not to be out done, Dagon struck back. He swung with his huge axe, striking Akatosh in the chest.


I couldn't tell if it had done any damage, but Dagon then struck with two more of his weapons, sharp swords and spikes on gloves of two of his four hands. I could hear the crunch of bone and flesh as they struck. Akatosh was injured!


Suddenly, Akatosh let go with a blast of dragon fire, causing Dagon to burst into flame for a moment.


Dagon was now stunned. He staggered back one step. Akatosh now saw his opportunity, striking a savage blow on Dagon's shoulder.


Akatosh let go of Dagon, watching him stagger like a drunken sailor.
Now was the time to strike.


With all of his strength, Akatosh released a furious stream of flame at the now stunned Dagon.


Suddenly, Mehrunes Dagon began to glow, showering the area with white light.


Mehrunes Dagon was falling apart under the power of Akatosh's fire. His power to maintain his presence here sapped, he faded back into Oblivion.


But it had taken everything that Akatosh had to complete the task. Weak, tired, drained of magica, he breathed heavily, realizing his victory had come at a huge cost. Or perhaps it was Martin. Or both of them.


In one last act, Akatosh raised his head to the heavens, and made such a loud roar that the very walls of the temple shook.


His roar continued for several seconds, as if to warn the heavens of his return.
Suddenly, the flames around him died out, the red sky cooled, and I heard the
crackle of rock under extreme heat.


Just as suddenly, the sound stopped. The avatar of Akatosh had turned to stone!
Mehrunes Dagon had been defeated!

We had won!











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