I made my way to Godsreach, the residential sections of Mournhold, and found the Winged Guar Tavern, exactly where it was the first time I came here.

I spoke with the owner and set up a room for myself. This would be my base of operations during my stay here on this mission.


Once I was situated, I changed into an older robe, made sure I had the right potions and enchanted items with me, then headed to the Grand Bazaar.

Even though I had seen this almost a year earlier, it still stunned me with its beauty and sweet-smelling flowers. Everywhere I turned, there was something interesting to see.


On one side of the bazaar, the sound of children playing and laughing was mixed with the sound of merchants hawking their wares, along with the with the sound of someone announcing a play in the center of the courtyard.


The other side of the bazaar was not quite as noisy, but there were a few children playing about as their parents did their shopping.

This side of the bazaar held a number of interesting shops, which I would check out later, if I had the time.

Right now, I was looking for a way into the sewer system, and I still hadn't found a trap door leading to that scenic section of Mournhold.


As I investigated one of the outer walls of the city, I came across an old-looking, but apparently well-used trap door. I had found the entrance to the sewers at last. Deciding on whether or not to hold my nose going down, or just to put up with the smell, I opened the door and headed down the ladder.


If I am to ever be remembered for anything I've ever said in this entire story, it will be this:

"There is nothing like waist-high sewer water to make you truly appreciate the swamps of the Bitter Coast region of Vvardenfell."

While above me, it was pleasant and beautiful, the smell here could knock a cliffracer off a manure wagon at 10 paces. If there was only a spell to get rid of the stench.....


Well, at least it wasn't ALL water and sewage. There was a path upward to a slightly higher level. I decided to follow this direction and see where it would lead me.


In the dim light, even with my enchanted Belt of Night Eye, it was hard to see anything in here. It was as if the place just refused to allow any light at all, even near the occasional torch. It was that dim light that allowed a skeleton archer to see me before I could see him. Arrows started zinging past me as quickly as he could load them.

I summoned a few creatures of my own to go do battle with him, while I healed myself from the wounds of the two arrows that had struck me. It didn't take long for my summoned creatures to finish off this skeleton, and return his spirit to the lands of Oblivion.


Investigating further, I came upon a separator between sewer sections. The door had been damaged and tossed aside.

Suddenly, as I approached the doorway, I could hear something - it was the screeching sound of an ancestor ghost.

This was no ordinary ancestor ghost, however. It was much more powerful. I summoned four creatures to do battle with it, but it defeated them within 30 seconds of them engaging in battle. This was definitely a job for a much more powerful spell.


God's Fire seemed to do the trick, but only to a certain extent. This ghost had such a powerful life force that I had to use the spell twice in order to kill it.

Not only that, but another ancestor ghost, just as strong, came to aid in the battle with it's brother.

I did manage to defeat them, but nearly ran out of magick doing so.

It was just then that I noticed something coming at me from further down the tunnel - it was a lich, a powerful, undead wizard.

I let him have it with my Amulet of Leaches, killing it on the spot.


I checked out the lich for anything useful, but was terribly disappointed. For such a powerful wizard, this creature only held a cheap sword and beat-up old shield.

I pressed on into the cavern, still trying to see my way down the tunnel.


After a number of twists and turns, I started heading up another level of the sewer. As I blasted the tar out of two rats that had the audacity to attack me, I could hear someone softly crying just up ahead. As I got closer, I could see it was a middle-aged Dunmer woman.

"What are you doing here?" I asked. "Don't you know how dangerous this place is?"


"My name is Narisa Adus." she said, in between sobbing. "Beware the Black Dart gang. They've robbed me of everything I hold dear."

"The Black Dart gang?" I asked. "I had never heard of them."

"We are adventurers like you, my lover and I." she replied. "They ambushed us here in the Temple Sewers. Variner held them off while I ran. Now, Variner's ghost comes to me at night, begging me to come to him, to rescue him. He says he has a message for me..." her voice trailed off, as she looked sadly at her feet. "But I........I just can't go down there."

She looked sadly at me. "I can't face the Black Dart gang." she continued. "Variner was a great fighter, but with one dart, he was dead in seconds. They'd kill me for sure."

I couldn't help but feel sorry for her. I was a on a mission of my own, and the Temple Sewers were no where near where I was, but still.....

"What can I do to help?" I asked.

She looked me over carefully, wiping the tears from her eyes. "I'm not sure." she said. "I've never seen anyone quite like you before, but I'm not sure you're a match for them. They dress like poor beggars, but they throw deadly poison darts."

"Well, I've encountered...." I started, but she held up her hand to stop me in mid-sentence.

"Just one is enough to kill you." she said. "If you run into them, make sure you have many cure poison and dispel potions. And if you see Variner's ghost, speak with him. Perhaps you can bring me his message. Please don't harm him. Just listen to him and see if he has a message for me.

"Well, I cannot make any promises, but I will certainly see what I can do to help" I said.

I gave her a hug and continued on looking for my own band of bad guys.


One tunnel after another begged me for investigation. Finally, after a number of twists and turns, I came across a partly-submerged wooden door. Somehow, I felt this would be the place.

Then again, I had come up to a number of dead-ends in this place to be greeted only by rats.

I decided to give this door a try, and see what was on the other side.









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