As I made my way out of the water-filled pit in this new section of sewers, I was immediately attacked by a goblin foot-solder. He got in some pretty good hits, too, before I was able to kill him with the Ring of Leaches.

I performed a healing spell on myself, then continued down this new section of sewer.


Arriving at a crossroads I could see a lich and skeleton archer in the distance.

I decided to give some of these new arrows a try, so I summoned a bow and took aim......


Oh, yes, those "sun" arrows do a great job. Lots of fire as well as an arrow sticking out of his rear.

Well, I wasn't aiming for that, but he turned at just the wrong time.

The second arrow put him down. The skeleton archer never saw that hit him, either, thanks to the Amulet of Shadows.


After what seemed like an endless supply of dead-ends, I finally arrived at the doorway to the west sewers....


....followed by an endless supply of goblins.

God's frost again. Dead goblin in five seconds again.


Five more attacked, as well as two durzogs.

More durzog hide for alchemy. Too bad the goblins didn't carry more than one or two gold pieces. I guess they didn't have much use for gold down here. Who would they spend it with?


Arriving at a large chamber, I found a number of goblins sitting around a campfire. Rather than go to war myself, I summoned a number of creatures to do battle with them. Those goblins proved pretty tough - they managed to defeat a number of my creatures, and I had to re-summon them.

It was nice being able to stand in the shadows, nearly invisible, and watch how this all played out.


Again, not a lot of gold with them, and most of their equipment was pretty heavy, so I decided not to take it along.

I finally made my way down another tunnel, and found that it connected to a cave system.

I decided to see where it went.


I could hear the sound of rushing water up ahead, and sure enough, a huge waterfall was found a short walk down the tunnel.

In the waterfall chamber was a connection to another tunnel to the left, so I decided to give that one a try.


The twisting and turning seemed to go on forever, and I wondered if this would be just another dead-end I could add to my list.

I was about to turn back when I noticed a torchlight up ahead, and what appeared to be a figure of someone in the distance.


It was Hloggar the Bloody. I had found him!

"Seen any elves?" he laughed, when he saw me approach. Then his mood became much more cross.

"What do you want?" he scowled.

I showed him the evidence of conspiracy against him, along with the writ of execution.

"Yeah?" he asked, "Well, what are you going to do about it?"

I told him of my feelings on this subject, and that I had allowed his to accomplices to escape, with the provision that he return to Skyrim and never come back to this province.


He had to think about it for a moment, then replied, "I don't get it. Don't you want to fight?"

Then a little light went on over his head.......

"Oh, wait, I see. You're a GOOD guy! Sure. I understand. So now I got to get lost. Fast, right? Okay. Time to use that old Recall amulet."

He grabbed the amulet from his pocket and invoked it's spell.

"So long, pal...and thanks." With that, he vanished in a puff of smoke.


Because of my doubts over Helseth, I had decided to allow all three traitors escape. If the king wants them dead, let him hire the Dark Brotherhood. I won't be the one. Of course, all I had to do now was convince Tienius Delitian that someone in the Palace must have tipped them off. Let him scurry around the place looking for THAT person. A cat, chasing it's own tail, couldn't provide more entertain.


"What?!!!" he shouted, obviously upset, "All three of them have escaped? Oh, there must be a leak here at the Palace."

He gave a glaring look at each of his guards in the throne room, which none of them returned.

"Well, you've done the best that you could. I'll tell King Helseth that you tried. Now, I'd like your help finding the anonymous writer of 'The Common Tongue'. We'd like you to find him and persuade him to stop printing lies about King Helseth. When we make official inquiries, people just look stupid and assure us they have no idea what we're talking about. We think you'd have better luck - particularly if you approach less-reputable citizens - persons who place profit above honor."

I asked him to tell me more.

"First, we need you to ask around and find out who's writing these lies. Then we want you to find him and persuade him to stop printing these lies. The manner of persuasion is left to your discretion."

He got up close and personal. "You WILL be discreet, of course." he added, "We don't want to appear to be threatening the time-honored Imperial traditions of encouraging free speech."

"Oh, leave it to me." I said, not exactly knowing if I should even complete this mission. I felt Helseth was behind the attack on me, but there was still that cloud of uncertainty.









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