Since the Queen herself wanted me to check in with Fedris Hler, I figured it must be for something important.

I changed into my best robe and headed to the Temple.

Odd, that all I wanted to do, originally, was find out who was behind the Dark Brotherhood attacks upon my life. This was becoming more complex than I had expected.


I found Fedris in the reception room of the Temple, grumbling to one of his underlings about something. As soon as he saw me, he waved his assistant off to his task, and came to greet me with open arms.

"Ahh, you're the one who has recently arrived in Mournhold from Vvardenfell." he said. "I was told of your arrival."

"Yes." I replied. "I am trying to determine why the Dark Brotherhood had attacked me."

"Hmm," he muttered, "An interesting group, and usually rather effective. I'm surprised you're still alive. Perhaps you have potential, or perhaps they sent incompetents."

"Well, perhaps anyone who can stand up to 4 dragons and Dagoth Ur himself...." I started, trying not to brag.

"True, true." he smiled. "I believe you might be of service to our Lady."

"Well, Queen Barenziah did suggest that I speak with you."

"Hmph...that one has ears everywhere." he scowled. "The people love her. Always have. And she's seeming stayed out of politics since her return to Mournhold. Make no mistake, though: she knows the score in this town. A savvy old woman to be sure."

"And her son, Helseth?" I asked.

"He is our new king." he replied. "He is ruthless, and not foolish, as some would have you believe. He has some of his mother's political savvy, and he has all of his father's ruthlessness."

"I'll keep that in mind." I replied.

"Mind that you do." he said. "You know, there are many who think that Helseth is responsible for King Athyn Llethan's death. Most believe it, but I doubt anyone could prove it."


Interested in finding out what I could do for Fedris, I asked him how I could be of service to Almalexia.

"Perhaps you have already met young King Hlaalu Helseth." he said.

"No, I have not met him personally, as of yet." I replied.

"A foul man, unworthy to sit on a throne." he replied. "Still, he holds right of succession. The Lady must keep an every-watchful eye on this King, though, lest he do something that would be detrimental to the Temple, our fair city, or perhaps all of Morrowind. Currently, there are concerns about some new recruits that Helseth seems to be training."

"You mean like recruits to an army?" I asked.

"A standing army is nothing new in the city, through it is largely unnecessary." he replied. "Mournhold is protected by her walls from the outside, and by our Lady Almalexia from within. None would dare mount an attack here. Still, tradition dictates that the king maintains an army."

"What is so odd about that?" I asked, wondering where this was going.

"We believe that Helseth is raising quite a different sort of army." he replied. "A goblin army."

I didn't know what to say, and I guess he could see that by the look on my face. I had come up against a few of these goblins in the sewers already. By themselves they were already pretty dangerous. Armed with weapons and armor, well, it would be like an army of mad dogs, dangerous to anyone, even possibly the one holding their leash.

"Foul, vicious creatures." he said, seeing the look of obvious concern on my face. "No wonder Helseth has chosen them to be his footsoldiers. I know that the goblins are being trained nearby, through not where, exactly."

"How will I find out where I can find them?" I asked.

"Ask around the city about goblins. Someone will know. I wish for you to find the location of the goblin training area. When you do, kill the warchiefs - there should be two of them. Sever the head of this army, and the rest will shatter like a scrib. You might rid the city of their two Altmer trainer, as well. Complete this task, and the Lady will be pleased.

"They use Altmer to train these creatures?" I asked.

"Yes." he said. "Traditionally, the Altmer have used goblins to reinforce their armies. Why, I do not know. Rumor has it that Helseth has contracted two Altmer to train his goblin army. If you find these two, it would be a service to rid the city of them as well."


Goblin army. The thought didn't set well with me.

The more I heard about this king, the more I didn't like him. Goblins are not the kinds of things you want guarding much of anything.

I decided to head back to Godsreach and change into something more appropriate for the sewers.


Before heading to the Winged Guar Tavern, I noticed a residence that just happened to be related to an attack on myself in the Bazaar a few days earlier.

It was the home of this so-called wizard, Velas Manor. I figured I'd better find out what this guy had against me.


Using a key I had found on the so-called wizard's body, the door opened easily enough. Inside, I found Gavis Velas, apparently waiting for me to arrive.

"Salutations, Eldorf Dragonmeal." he said, with a heart-felt smile. "So nice of you to join me in my humble abode. I was all prepared to offer you a nice drink or a bite to eat before we got down to business, but you are late in coming, and I don't appreciate being kept waiting, so business it shall be. I can sense you've already made the acquaintance of my unfortunate brother."

"Yes." I replied. "I was doing some shopping in the Bazaar when he appeared from out of no where, and attacked me."

He seemed amused by my explanation. "Yes, Ovis always did like to take credit for my exploits." he continued. "Too bad that this time, in trying to become my doppleganger, it would appear he went too far."

He took a position in the center of the room, continuing, "I understand your position, Eldorf Dragonmeal - you have to defend yourself.. But I also must ask you to understand mine - I have to avenge my brother. Thus, a dual is called for, and there is no time like the present. Prepare yourself, sir. Thy doom is imminent, and I have other matters to attend to."


Without warning, he summoned three creatures to do battle with me, one of them being an Ogrim titan. I knew of no one in all of Morrowind who could teach me that spell, and yet, he had possession of it.

Quickly, I used the Amulet of Shadows. The summoned creatures had no idea of where I had vanished to, barely being able to see me.

I decided to run for the far end of the house. The creatures just stood there.

"Come now." he shouted, "You're just dragging this out."    


Quietly making it to the other end of the hallway, I turned to make sure they were all at the other end of the house. Now was the time to return the attack.


As soon as the Amulet of Shadows spell wore off, I fired up a Wall of Fire spell, one at 10 feet, and one at 20 feet.

This caught most of the creatures in a blast of fire.


One Ogrim titan decided not to walk into the Wall of Fire, and attacked after the spell wore off. I hit him with God's Frost only a few feet from me. Gavis was not happy.


He was even less happy when, after his last creature hit the floor, I hit HIM with a blast of God's Frost as well, killing him within seconds.

The very last Golden Saint he summoned vanished back into Oblivion, since the summoner was now dead.


Gavis Velas was dead, and no one in Mournhold would ever need to fear this evil wizard again.

The other bit of good news was that according to the law, his home was now my home, meaning I wouldn't have to rent a room at the Winged Guar anymore.

I went back there to collect my things, brought them back here, found places for everything, and made myself at home. Laurenna would be surprised that she'll have a lovely place to stay when I bring her here for a visit.


After setting up shop in my new home, and taking a well-deserved nap, I woke up the next morning and headed to the nearest trap door for the sewers.  In checking with the locals, several people had mentioned that the goblins might be found in the sewers under Godsreach, so I figured that would be the first place to start looking.











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