Ah, yes, back in the sewers again. I started to feel as this was going to become a regular thing around here. While I understood that this is where the action was, someone really needs to send a cleaning crew down here.

I headed back down the tunnels, looking for goblins, and anything that might indicate a training area.

Just around a blind corner, I could hear something breathing heavy, growling softly.


It was a wild durzog, looking for trouble.

Somehow, it sensed my presence.


By instinct, I used the Amulet of Shadows.

Little did I know, it would do me no good.


The durzog found me as easily as if I had been fully visible in the middle of broad daylight. It managed to find me by scent. No wonder these goblins were known to use durzogs so much. Their ability to find their prey, even if a chameleon or invisibility spell were being used made them extremely dangerous, especially to me.

The God's Frost spell managed to kill it, but not before it gave me a nasty bite.


I found a few goblins further down the sewers.

I used some of my paralyzing arrows on them. They seemed to work well, and kept me out of range of their rusty little short swords.


I could hear heavy breathing around the bend.

As expected, it was a goblin, and he was looking for a fight.


I snuck up on him, used the Amulet of Shadows, and hit him with God's Frost.

He fell in seconds.


I checked the goblin for any clues as to where I might find this training facility, but there was nothing on him that might have helped me.

Frustrated, but undaunted, I continued down deeper into the sewer system.


I remembered that I had a ring enchanted for summoning a clanfear. It was a constant effect ring, so as long as I wore it, I'd have a pet clanfear to help me out. I figured that if the goblins could have their pet, I should have one as well.


It proved to be a good idea. Just around the next corner, we found two more goblins. Apparently they had never seen a clanfear before.

My pet attacked the goblins as soon as I hit one of them with a poisonbloom spell.

As the clanfear attacked one goblin, I hit the other one with paralyzing arrows.

Naturally, we won the day.


The sewer structures gave way to a series of tunnels.

We encountered a few more goblins along the way.

Following an attack by my summoned clanfear, they all met their doom at the hands of God's Frost.


A short way down this tunnel, I found the body of someone who hadn't been so lucky. All I could see were his feet from under a rock. There was a pretty nice battleaxe next to him, but I didn't need the added weight, so I decided to leave it there.


Around the edge of another tunnel, three more goblins attacked us. They managed to defeat my clanfear, but they were close enough to all be killed by the same God's Frost blast.

I pressed on down this same tunnel, trying to find out where it would lead.

Suddenly, I could see something ahead of me. Something huge.


A huge cavern opened up before me.

I crouched down low so as to not attract attention.


This looked very much like what I was looking for. It was a huge cavern, lots of goblin-looking things around that goblins might use. It just had that gobliny "feel" to it.

That, and the fact that what looked like a goblin trainer was patrolling the top section way in the back gave the bigger clue that this might be the place.


I summoned a Daedric bow, and decided to give some of the fire-burst arrows a work-out.





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