I hit...someone....way in the distance, and he looked around to see where the arrow came from. He looked straight at me. I shot off another spell. It missed, as he started running towards my location.


Two more goblins joined in the chase, and all three of them headed towards me, weapons drawn, ready to hack into me.

As they started up the rockwall, I shot off a blast of God's Fire. It got two of them, falling at my feet. The third one, coming from so far back in the cave, was out of range, and continued running towards me.


I shot one more spell, God's Frost, right at the goblin, just a few feet from me.

It worked fast, and the goblin fell dead, his sword just nicking me as he fell.


I searched the three fallen goblins for clues concerning the training center, but found only a few trinkets, weapons, and one or two pieces of gold.


I checked the cave. I couldn't find any secret trapdoors or anything that would help me find what I was looking for.


Just as I was going to head back out the tunnel that brought me here, I noticed a small door up in a corner.

I decided to check out where it would lead.


I used the Amulet of Shadows, and the Ring of Weapons, then entered the door. As soon as I closed the door behind me, I saw a goblin patrolling the cave nearby.

The goblin lost.


Two more goblins came over to see what the commotion was all about. They also met their fate at the hands of a bound longsword, never seeing where it came from.

A few moments later, the Amulet of Shadows spell wore off, and I became fully visible again.

Further on down the cave, another wide-open area appeared before me. I could hear the footsteps of a goblin patrolling the area just ahead of me.


Summoning a Daedric bow, I decided to give some of those paralyzing arrows a try.

The first one hit, but the second one missed (well, he dodged it, ok? It wasn't really my fault). The third, fourth, and fifth arrows all found their mark, and the goblin was history.


Further on down the tunnel, I came across another wild durzog. Switching to silver arrows, I managed to plant five arrows into the beast. Suddenly, it turned and ran. I decided to give chase. There's nothing more dangerous than a wounded animal.

In it's attempt to escape me, the durzog ran into a large cavern, and fell into a pool of water below.

One more arrow finished the durzog off.

Now, I had a new cave to explore.


There was a waterfall up ahead, and after a little swimming across the pool, I found myself heading down yet another deep, dark tunnel.


As I climbed up the slope, I could hear yet another goblin footsolder just ahead of me.

God's Frost put him down, and allowed me to continue on my way.

I was beginning to hope I'd remember my way back out of here.


Another huge cavern. It was hard to believe this was all a city at one time.

Suddenly, a number of goblins saw me, and starting charging to the attack.


There were too many of them. The only thing that would stop them was the Wall of Fire. I hated the fact that it took so long to start, but the flames leapt in the air just in time, catching the goblins off guard as they ran into it.


Another chamber. What could those goblins have been guarding here?

A search turned up very little. It seemed as though they were just guarding areas as part of their training.


Pressing on further, I came across yet another door, leading to yet another section of the caves.

It seemed as though my search was far from over.





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