With the two warchiefs taken care of, I could now turn my attention to the demise of the two Altmer trainers.


Using the door just below where I had found the two warchiefs, I entered another set of caves.

Assuming there would be something patrolling the area, I used the Amulet of Shadows yet again, and crept ahead to see what I could find.


Three goblins up head never saw the spell that killed them, thanks to the Amulet of Shadows.

I pressed on, finding more debris and rubble.


I couldn't believe it. I thought I had made my way right back to the first huge cave I had found earlier.


No! I was wrong. Upon closer inspection, I came across two huge structures, one of which looked very much like a snail shell.


The other structure stood directly ahead of me, with two, huge, imposing doors and a double moon symbol over them.

I wasn't sure which one I should check out first.


After a few minutes of thought, I decided to hit the snailshell building first.

It had a huge circular door that looked like it weighed as much as the entire building, yet a touch caused it to open as easily as if it weight as much as a feather.


Ah, yes, several creatures in here.

A quick start-up of the Amulet of Shadows meant they didn't have a chance to see me.

There was a goblin to my left, and a durzog to the my right. I knew just what was needed.


No less than three Walls of Fire, at 10, 20, and 30 feet distant filled the room with a ton of flames.

I just stood back and watched the fun as the goblins and durzogs ran back and forth, looking for some place of safety.

Thankfully for me, they never found it.


Once the room was cleared of nasty creatures and goblins, I checked the room, finding several more doors to investigate.


First room had a goblin in it, as expected. A shot of God's Fire killed him quickly.


Inside the room was some gold, a few odds and ends, and a note. It said "Finished repairing the floor today. Please pay what you owe. Remember, I can let the goblin loose just as easily as I trapped him."

Repair the floor? I had no idea what this was about.


I decided to check out the second door, and as expected, found another goblin in the room.

Once he was dead, I decided to check out the rest of the room and see what I could find in it.

What I found, however, was totally unexpected!


The floor broke out from under me!

It was a trap!


Lucky for me, the boots I wear are enchanted with a constant effect of the Slow Fall spell. Otherwise, I would have had to use the three goblins underneath me to break my fall.


The three goblins were probably just as surprised to see me as well.

I had to use several of my Rings of Leaches to kill them off, since two of them had brought a few health potions along.

The Ring of Leaches restored my own health at the expense of the goblins'.


I checked out this new level, and found little of value here. Definately no Altmer trainers.

Deadly spells at the ready, I decided to find a way back up to the level I had just fallen from.



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