I checked out the lower level that I had fallen into, but found nothing but a skeleton and a chest with some gold in it.


At the end of this new, lower level, I found nothing but a door leading to an abandoned passageway.

Figuring nothing down here was abandoned in reality, I decided to check it out.


More hallways, chambers, and goblins.

No Altmer trainers.


Finally, another door. I decided to see who was on the other side.


Bah! It had led me to the first huge chamber I had found. I had truly come full circle. I found myself high on an overhead ledge, at least 100 feet above the floor of the chamber.

Using the enchanted boots, I floated gently to the ground, knowing I'd have to start searching again from the same starting point.

At least, now I knew that when I made it back to the chamber with the snailshell building, I'd be able to now search the other building with the two double doors on it.


I made my way back through all the winding passageways and eventually found myself in the huge cavern with the two buildings in it.

This time, I decided to explore the building with the two moons over the door.


I could make out some kind of movement up ahead.

Using the Amulet of Shadows, I quietly came upon a goblin warrior, guarding the passage.

Quietly, I approached him.....


....and gave him the last surprise of his life.


Suddenly, further down the hallway, one of the Altmer trainers appeared.

I shot off a spell of Kyne's Sweet Embrace.

Altmer are known to be very attuned to magick, and thus, are very susceptible to it as well.

He fell like a house of paper cards.


I decided to check around the corner, and sure enough, the other Altmer was standing at the other end of the chamber.


I hit him with a spell as well, but he had a few health potions with him.

Quickly, I used a spell to summon a Frost Antroch, and let them play for a few moments.

While they were fighting, I hit the two of them with God's Frost. The spell didn't affect my summoned creature, but it sure affected the Altmer trainer.


I almost couldn't believe my good luck. I had found both warchiefs and both trainers, and had lived to tell the tail.

After an hour or so of finding my way back through the maze of tunnels, I arrived back at the trapdoor for the Grand Bazaar.


Tired, smelly, but satisfied with myself for a job well-done, I made my way back to my new digs.

The looks on the people as I passed by more than told me I needed a bath.


After a quick bath and a change of robes, I headed back to the temple to report on the success of my mission.

It was nice to be out in the fresh air once again. The sky had grown overcast, but it failed to dampen my mood.


Fedris Hler was almost surprised to see me. I told him that my mission was successful.

"You've killed the warchiefs AND their Altmer trainers?" he said. "And you live to tell the tale...interesting. And surprising. Perhaps I've underestimated you, Eldorf Dragonmeal. Rest assured, it won't happen again."

He reached into one his robe's pockets.

"Take this as a token of our Lady's appreciation. Well done."

With that, he dropped 15,000 gold coins into my pocket. Appreciation like that can make a man very wealthy.

I told him of what kinds of goblins and durzogs I had encountered.    


"Yes, goblins come in many sizes." he replied. "They vary in size from smaller than a Bosmer (wood elf) to larger than a Nord. Some are mindless animals; others have learned the ways of magic. And yes, you'll often see them with trained durzogs, another filthy creature. We believe they may be more intelligent than their goblin handlers. You might here them referred to as 'sludgepuppies', but don't let that name fool you. They're strong, smart, and often well-trained creatures. Since they can detect someone who is even using a chameleon spell, goblins often use them on patrols to hunt down an adventurer, such as yourself."

I thanked him for his advise. It was good to know that while the Amulet of Shadows, or even a full invisibility spell would work on goblins, it would be useless against a durzog. I'd have to remember that in the future. I asked him if he had any other missions for me.

He thought for a moment, then said "I have nothing for you at this time. You know, you should speak with Gavas Drin, the Lord Archcanon. He was in consultation with the Lady Almalexia this very morning. Perhaps he has something for you."

I thanked him for his time, information, and his generosity, and headed over to the Archcanon's offices to see what was up.





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