I decided to give the member of the Black Dark gang the cold shoulder.

He didn't like it much, but rather than complain about it, he just decided to die.


I checked the body for weapons. I found a number of darts, and as expected, they were infused with a deadly poison.


I checked the area a few yards ahead, then went back to retrieve Urvel.

I decided it would be helpful to just have him stay put every few yards while I checked out ahead for danger.


We came across two ancestor ghosts, and I was able to get rid of them quite easily.

Up ahead, I heard the raspy sound of another ghost. I approached cautiously, but even though I was plainly visible, the ghost did not attack.

Urvel said "Get him, now, please, before he attacks!"

"Hold on a moment." I said. "I think I know why this one doesn't attack."


It was Variner's ghost, the one I had been told about by the woman in the Bazaar's sewers.

"My name is Variner." said the spirit, in a raspy voice. "I was killed by the Black Dart Gang. I beg you - avenge my death. Their hideout is in Old Mournhold, Temple Sewers West."


Urvel was dumfounded. "You know this spirit?" he asked.

"Hush." I said, "Listen to what he has to say."

The spirit continued. "Many have died fighting them. But there is a mechanism that can flood the room, drowning the gang. Find a lever that looks like a torch holder, near the east end of the chamber. But whatever you do, don't get too close, or you will join me in the afterlife."

Urvel looked anxiously in my direction. "We're not going after the Black Dart Gang, are we?"

"No, not yet." I replied. "We have our own mission to accomplish first. I'll have to deal with the gang later." Needless-to-say, he gave me a very relieved look.


I had Urvel follow me for a few more yards, then had him stop and wait while I checked up ahead. Good thing I did, too, for I was attacked by no less than four skeleton warriors.

It took a Wall of Fire spell to stop them all.


I came to a side tunnel. I had cleared everything up to this location, so I went back and picked up Urvel brought him to the tunnel entrance. He waited for me there while I went on ahead to check the tunnel and see where it lead.


"Will you be long?" Urvel asked.

"Only as long as it takes me to go up ahead these few yards and make sure it's safe to continue." I replied.

"Ok." he said. "I'll guard the entrance and make sure nothing sneaks up on you from behind."

I smiled to myself, knowing that his screams would probably be the warning I needed that something was sneaking up on me from behind.


I returned a few minutes later and told him to follow me.

"Did you find something important?" he asked.

"Yup. Follow me." I replied.     


It was a large door leading to the Temple Gardens.

"This means we're pretty close, right?" I asked him.

"I think so." replied Urvel.

"Ok, then, wait here, and I'll be right back, once I know it's safe." I said.


All I could tell about this tunnel was that it was very dark, and that there was a turn up ahead.    


A few nasty things that needed to run into a Wall of Fire greeted me. The Wall of Fire greeted them as well.


After getting rid of the skeleton warriors, I continued quietly down the tunnel. Even with my enchanted items giving me more night vision, it was still very hard to see in this place.


Suddenly, up ahead, the tunnel opened up into a huge chamber.

Could this be the place? It would seem so. I checked the place over to make sure I hadn't missed any creatures, then hurried back to retrieve Urvel.


Urvel was very happy to see me. "Oh, you just don't know what it's like, this place, it gives me the creeps." he whined.

"Buck up, man." I said, "We're nearly there. I believe I have found the Temple Gardens."

"Did you find the liches?" he asked. "There were supposed to be...."

"No, not yet." I said, "They're probably deeper in the area, probably in the Shrine itself. Let's just get you down into the area, and I'll continue to check it out."


Urvel was very happy to make it to an area that was relatively safe. At least it wasn't a sewer.

He seemed calmer, but kept wringing his hands like an old lady.



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