I returned to the temple sewers, determined to put an end to this Black Dart Gang, once and for all.

I knew where they were hiding, so all I had to do was make my way there as quietly as possible.


Using the Amulet of Shadows, I opened the rusty old door as quietly as a rusty old door will open.   


Finding nothing new, I allowed the spell to wear off, but kept ready to cast something cold if someone or something came looking for trouble.


Just when I was about to turn back, thinking I had come down the wrong sewerline, I thought I heard someone cough up ahead.

Activating the Amulet of Shadows once again, I took a peek around the corner. There, not too far away from me, two Black Dart gang members were guarding the entrance to a dark tunnel.


I let both of them have it with the spell of God's Frost, taking each of them down in seconds.

The first one fell without incident. The second one, seeing where the spell came from, took a shot in the dark, landing a poison dart in my leg.

Yes, those things hurt!

I had to use a restore health potion to prevent the poison from killing me. Those people weren't kidding when they said that those darts are deadly!


I decided to check out the tunnel they were guarding.

I saw a light just a short distance up ahead, so once again, the Amulet of Shadows was called upon.


The tunnel lead to a larger cavern, where I found the source of the light - and another member of the Black Dart Gang.

My foot hit a stone, hinting to him that someone might be sneaking up on him. By instinct, he tossed a poison dart in my direction. I countered with a spell of God's Fire.

Between the spell and my restore health potion, I won the day, and this bad boy bit the dust.


It looked as if I had killed their leader.


Seeing another light up ahead, I decided to summon a Daedric bow, just in case something needed an arrow.


Much to my surprise, I came to the end of the tunnel, right near where the original two guards were stationed.

I couldn't believe it - I had cleaned out the entire tunnel of the gang....and lived to tell the tail.


I made my way back out the way I came in, and suddenly saw something that jarred my memory. The torch handle! The ghost had told me to flip the torch handle, and it would flood the room, killing all of the gang members for me.

I thought about it for a moment, then decided to make sure this place was taken care of.

I pulled the torch handle, and heard a click, followed by the rushing in of water.


I couldn't believe my eyes. In just seconds, the entire section of sewer became flooded.

Thinking quickly, I put on my Belt of Fish Gills, and swam back into the gang's chambers, just to make sure I hadn't left anything or anyone behind.


I swam back, and made my way back out into the next chamber. I slammed the door behind me, leaving a only a trail of water to hint as to what the next chamber held.


While doing a little exploring, I came across the entrance to an abandoned crypt.

I decided to investigate this place a little further.


I was only a few feet inside the crypt, Daedric bow at the ready, when I found myself faced with something huge!


Boulders! Huge boulders - several of them, in fact.

They blocked the path of the tunnel.

Yes, beyond the boulders, a lighted torch. That would mean there's more to this place than meets the eye. Yet, I had no way of moving these rocks out of the way. I'd have to leave it for another time.


I climbed out of the sewers, took a quick bath, changed clothes, then headed for the market. I decided I'd get a few things to eat, then head to bed for a good night's rest. I was certain that the temple would have something interesting for me to do in the morning.



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