Being hit by a fire spell is no easy thing for me. Deciding to show this lich that I was no slouch when it comes to spells, I shot back a few of my own. I first tried God's Frost.


The lich had strong willpower, and ignored the frost spell's effects.

I would have to try something else, and quickly, as it was starting to form another spell to attack me with.


I sent off a shock spell just as the lich shot of another spell at me. The two spells met between us, and exploded in a shower of sparks and flames.

I sent another shock spell, and once again, it met another spell coming towards me, canceling each other out with a brilliant flash.

Deciding not to be a standing target, as the lich shot off another fire spell at me, I dodged to the right, while firing off another shock spell at this deadly creature.


The tactic worked! The lich was enveloped in hundreds of static arcs, draining it's life.

Within a few moments, the lich fell dead(er).


Free to move forward again, I cautiously checked out the large cavern ahead. If there was one lich, there would most certainly be more of them.


Yet another lich loomed in the distance. I quickly used my clanfear ring, and the beast appeared just a few feet away from me. I then summoned a Daedric bow, and put some of those "thunder" arrows to use.

The lich certainly didn't like the shock effect of the arrows, and as soon as I hit him with it, the clanfear turned to attack. This kept the lich busy while I hit it a few more times with several more arrows.

I wasn't sure who finished the thing off, the clanfear or the arrows, but the lich fell dead.


The first lich had managed to kill off my clanfear, but a second one came over to see what was causing all the commotion.

He met the same fate as his brethren.


Using the ring again, I re-summoned the clanfear, and we continued into the huge cavern.


There was another lich hiding on the other side of a rock. Using the summoned bow, I gave the clanfear a hint as to what it should attack.


Without hesitation, the clanfear jumped to the attack, keeping the lich occupied while I shot a few more thunder arrows into it.

Between the two of us, we managed to put one more lich down.


I checked out the rest of the cavern.

Nothing. None of these creatures had anything of any real value, and no mazed band.

It was then that I noticed yet another tunnel leading deeper into the caves. Obviously, what I was looking for was down this tunnel.


With my trust clanfear bringing up the rear, we headed deeper into the tunnel.

I could feel that we were turning around, going back the way we came, but off to the side. It also felt like we were climbing upward, over the original cavern.


We finally came to an upper chamber, and were attacked by another lich.

The lich managed to kill off my clanfear, but a shock spell killed off the lich before it could do any damage to me.

Before I could re-summon the clanfear, however, I saw another dark figure coming from another chamber.

Without hesitation, I shot Medusa's Gaze, followed by God's Fire, as well as the most powerful shock spell I could muster.

The thing fell dead in it's tracks.

Cautiously, I went to see what I had just killed.


By my beard, it was Barilzar himself!

The old wizard had become a lich.

I checked the corpse, and found a ring. It seemed to be enchanted, but I couldn't tell what kind of spell it held.

Rather than experiment with it, I decided to report back to the Temple with my prize.


Fedris Hler was very happy with my work when I returned to the Temple later that afternoon.

"You've got the Mazed Band?" he asked.

I showed him the artifact.

"Interesting." he responded. "I won't be the one to take it. Speak with the priest, Drin. He'll know what should be done.

I love the way these guys pass off responsibility on each other.


Gavas Drin put a big smile on his face as soon as I showed him the ring.

"Amazing." he said, gazing at it, but not touching it. "Almalexia will want to hear about this immediately. You are to speak with her directly. I hope you realize what an honor you're receiving, Eldorf the Wise."

"Well, I only came here to find out about the Dark Brotherhood and who was trying to kill me." I replied.

"I understand that." replied Drin, "None-the-less, the Lady requests your presence at once. It is best not to keep her waiting. You will find her in the High Chapel."   


I headed back to the main reception area.

There, before me, loomed the huge doors leading to the High Chapel, and the second member of the Tribunal.

All I could do was wonder if she would be anything like Vivec, floating around the air like a feather.

I guess I was about to find out.



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