I decided to make my way to the Bazaar and see what was going on there.

It was nice not having to go into the sewers.  The sky was clear above, the sun was warm, and a gentle breeze was just enough to make the trees sway.


While in the Bazaar, one of the children asked if I was the one that really killed Dagoth Ur. I told her I was, of course. She was amazed to hear Dagoth Ur was real.

"I always thought he was like the boogy man, you know, something said to us kids to make us behave!" she said.

Her father had told her one more than one occasion that if she and her brother didn't behave, Dagoth Ur would get them and drag them off to Red Mountain. She was very glad to hear that he wouldn't be coming to drag anyone off anywhere.


I stopped by the palace reception area and saw Plitinius Mero, writing notes as usual. I told him about Barilzar's Mazed Band, and that I had returned it to Almalexia. I had mentioned it in passing, but his response was most disturbing.

You've found the ring and returned it to the goddess? Foolish, foolish, foolish." he said, shaking his head. "I hope your faith in her is well-placed, Eldorf. In the wrong hands, I shudder to guess what evils could be unleashed on the city."

"What do you mean?" I asked.

"I'm not certain." he replied. "I just hope nothing bad comes of it."

It was apparent he didn't want to elaborate, so I didn't press him on the subject. Yet, I wondered what would have happened if I had spoken to him about the ring before giving it to Almalexia.


It was late in the day, so I returned to my home and grabbed a nice, big, fat book to read, then turned in for the night.

I figured that if nothing else special turned up tomorrow, I should head back to Solstheim Castle. I had turned up nothing other than the King himself might have hired the Dark Brotherhood to kill me, and I doubted that I could take my investigation further than that. That being the case, there would be little reason to stay here much longer.

Besides there would be more wine to make, and a wife that would be returning home soon.


I slept late, getting up around 10 am. I took my green robe to The Winged Guar to have the sewer smell taken out of it (again). The owner gave me a very unhappy look, but the 10 extra pieces of gold made up for it.

I had a bite to eat, then headed back to my new home. As I was crossing the roadway, I could hear shouting, screaming, the clash of weapons, and guards running to guard the doorways. I asked one of the people what was going on.

"Have you heard?" she said. "The city is under attack!"

"Attack???" I asked, my jaw almost hitting the ground. "Attack by whom?"

"Enchanted machines have burst into Plaza Brindisi Dorom." she replied, giving a very worried look at the only doorway between us and the attack. "They're killing everyone! They need your help! GO, now!!!"


I ran as fast as I could. I had my Ring of Weapons of with me, and I ran through several spells in my head, deciding which ones might be helpful in a situation like this.

I assumed these would be the usual Dwemer machines doing the attack. I had done battle with them before. I'm sure it would be just a matter of shear numbers to do battle with them.

Little did I know how wrong I was!


I entered the Plaza Brindisi Dorom, and couldn't believe my eyes.

These were not machines of the Dwemer. They were something else, something totally new.

These were things that I don't believe anyone had ever seen before.


The guards were nearly out-numbered, but were able to hold their own using their enchanted weapons. The enchanted machines snapped at the guards, like an animal would. One of them even had some kind of weapon on its tail, and tried stabbing the guards with it.

One guard bravely fought off one of the monsters, holding it at bay.


The guard never saw the other monster coming up behind him. It crouched down, aiming it's tail weapon at the guard's back.

I nearly hit it with a Shock Spell, but decided against it. The blast from any spell I used here would kill any guard close enough to the target creature. There was just no room to use any destruction spell here.

Instantly, I brought forth my Ring of Weapons. This was one monster that would not get an easy break.    


Using my summoned broadsword, I slashed the attacking creature. It fell after just two hits.

The guard, hearing the action behind him, saw that I had protected his back, and nodded his gratitude.

Suddenly, I heard a hissing sound. It was another monster, headed right for me.

Built to look like some poor, deformed creature, it eyed me taking into account the fact that I had a shield and sword, then snapped at me with it's very sharp, razor-like teeth.

My bound shield deflected it's attack, and I swung at it with my sword with all my might. Three hits were all that it took, and the machine fell in pieces on the ground.


In just a matter of a few seconds, the battle was over. The guards had survived; the creatures had not. The Royal Guards and High Ordinators checked each other for wounds. One Royal Guard had fallen into the pond, and needed help getting out.


As the guards and ordinators tended to their wounded, I surveyed the battlefield, checking over the monsters that had attacked us.

Definately not Dwemer; the style was all wrong. Different hands had constructed these creatures.

I had to chuckle to myself. I was getting bored and was going to leave for home if nothing odd had happened. Now, my curiosity was tweaked over these new constructs.


Suddenly, I noticed that there was definitely one new change in the plaza: The statue in the center had been damaged. Upon closer inspection, I noticed a large hole in the center, and a ladder heading into the plaza's underbelly.


One of the High Ordinators noticed my inspection of the damaged statue.

"Fedris Hler must be told of this attack." he said. "Get yourself to the Temple and let him know."

"What about the wounded?" I asked.

"We will take care of them." he replied. "Just get the word to Fedris about this."

I didn't argue.


Several High Ordinators rushed by me as I entered the Temple. Fedris called me over to where he was standing, giving a few more instructions to two more Ordinators.

"I've heard about the attacks on the city." he said. "Good that you reported them to me, though. I've sent some High Ordinators to deal with the situation. You can help me in another way, however. I want you to investigate the disturbance."

"Certainly." I said. "How can I help?"

"These attacks are an affront to this city and to the Lady." he continued. "We must learn more about them. I understand that a passage has opened up in the Plaza that leads to some Dwemer ruins. The Memorial Statue has been destroyed, and an entrance has been discovered in the rubble from which the creatures emerged. Perhaps these things are of Dwemer origin - I have been told that they look at least partially mechanical."

"They're definitely mechanical." I replied, "However, they don't look 'Dwemer' to me on first glance."

"You might be right." he said. "However, we must know for certain what we are dealing with. Investigate these ruins, Eldorf, and report your findings to me immediately."


On my way back to change robes, I noticed a bodyguard for high looking for work.

After instructing him on my mission, he agreed to follow me, just in case I needed someone to watch my back.

I told him to wait there until I changed into something a bit more appropriate.


I returned five minutes later. My green robe was still being cleaned, so I had to use one of my other robes for this type of dirty work.

His name was Calvus Horatius, warrior for hire, and seemed as ready for battle as any warrior could be. He did indicate, however, that he was in this strictly for the loot that could be found.

With that understanding, we headed back to the Plaza Brindisi Dorom, the hole in the ground, and into another mystery.      



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