Inside this well-protected room, I found a number of heavy boxes, some of which contained scrap metal, some holding diamonds, rubies, and emeralds, but one of these boxes held something very unusual.

It held two satchels. They were very tightly packed, designed to not be opened, but rather keep whatever was inside of them well-contained.

I had never seen anything like them before, and decided to keep them for further study.


I traveled further down the hallway, but eventually came to a solid wall of collapsed rock and debris.

Since I could go no further, I decided to turn back to the original chamber, and see what was in the north chamber.


The north chamber didn't provide much to explore. There were a few centurion spiders there, but those were easily defeated with God's Frost. I found a few rooms with beds and piles of ash beside them.

In one storeroom, I found a number of Dwemer cogs, and one small container. The container also used a powerful lock and boobytrap.

Using the Ring of Keys and a telekinesis spell, I managed to open the box, finding another satchel in it.

Keeping all three of them, I decided it was time to head back to the surface.


It was late when I finally made it back to the surface. I was angry that I could not find anything in those chambers that might have provided a clue as to where those fabricant machines had come from, or who was controlling them.


I decided to check the Bazaar for information regarding this cult before heading to bed for the night. I had been told the person I was looking for would be found here. All I had to do was look around for her.


It didn't take me long to find Meralyn Othan. She was just coming out of one of the shops when I spotted her.

"Excuse me." I said, "I'm investigating this Eno Romari. What can you tell me about him?"

"A lunatic, Eldorf Dragonmeal." she replied. "You'll often find him outside the Winged Guar, spouting his nonsense to passerby, and to the drunks stumbling out of the tavern."

"What can you tell me about this cult of his?" I asked.

"They are a suicide cult, plain and simple." she replied. "Their beliefs are destructive, heretical, and frightening to me. I don't know how my brother ever got involved with them! I'm beginning to see them all over the city, but you'll most often find them in Godsreach, outside the Winged Guar."

"Well, what sort of things does he talk about?" I asked.


"They preach that the Tribunal have lost their powers," she said, "and that this is a signal that the apocalypse is near. Eno Romari teaches his followers that our time in Tamriel is at an end, and the gates of Oblivion will soon open and the daedra will walk the land. Only the ancestors who have already left this world will remain once the daedric scourge covers the earth. And so he promotes what he calls the cleansing."

"That sounds odd." I said. "What do they clean?"

She shook her head. "It is a ritual suicide, Eldorf." she replied. "My brother was no fool, but he was a trusting person, always looking for someone or something to believe in. He thought he had found that in the End of Times."

"And he had been found dead, I am told." I continued.

"Yes," she replied. "My brother was found dead no long ago. I think it was poison, probably given to him by Eno Romari, and those sick End of Times lunatics."

I thanked her for the information and headed back to Godsreach for the night. This Eno Romari sounded like a strange one. I would have to have a chat with him, as Almalexia had hinted.


I headed back to Godsreach. I didn't see Eno, so I decided to hit the sack for the night.

When I got up the next morning, I headed back out to the Winged Guar, and sure enough there he was, shouting something to the guard patrolling the walkway nearby.


Eno was more than happy to chat with me, happy that anyone would be willing to listen at all, it seems.

"Our beliefs are simple, dear friend." he spouted. "The blessed Tribunal, though once filled with glory, are no longer the gods they once were. As with the tides and Tamriel's moons, all cosmic powers will wax and wane. But when gods die, it creates ripples throughout the lands. The passing of the Three will be a prelude to the end of this era, and the beginning of the next. The followers of the End of Times are making ourselves ready for this to happen."

"What do you mean by making yourselves ready?" I asked, trying to learn more about this strange cult.

"We realize that the end of the era will bring many changes." he replied. "We believe that the gates of Oblivion will open, and the multitude of daedra will roam this world freely. Some might tell you that this is a good thing, that we are descended from the daedra, and it will be a return to the natural order of things. I know differently, though. the coming age will be a time of great horror."

"You don't say." I replied, faining interest. Pumping him for information was easier than filling a waterskin from a waterfall.


"The Daedra Princes are not our ancestors." he continued. "Nor are they our allies. They will wash over the land, destroying all that man and mer have built over these thousands of years. The only protection from this scourge will be our true ancestors that have gone before us and watch over us even now. Many of our followers choose to participate in the cleansing, to prepare the way for the rest of us. It is a sacrifice to be sure, but it is for the greater good."

If I understood him correctly, his followers were dying to become the very ancestors that would do battle with these creatures from the realm of Oblivion.  And yes, it was a bad pun.

"We are a peaceful group," he continued, "dedicated to relieving the suffering all are feeling in these troubled times. I teach my followers the way to enlightenment, through understanding of what is happening in our world, and what is to come in the next. All of my people know the importance of preparedness for the coming troubles, and many are willing to make great sacrifice for our cause."

"And this cleansing you spoke of earlier?" I asked.

He smiled. "It is a glorious ritual, my friend." he said. "Our followers cleanse themselves of all of their troubles, all of their burdens here on this earth. They send themselves ahead to the ancestors, spreading our word, making ready for when we shall all join them in our fight against the daedric hordes."

"Ok." I said, holding my hand up, "Thank you for your advice. I'll take it under consideration." He gave me a look of a salesman that thought he had a fish on the hook, the big one that got away. There was no way I'd become someone's ancestor ghost - not for a long, long time, anyway.


I had important information to relay to Almalexia on this odd cult, so I headed back to the temple. This guy was actually asking people to die in order to become the very ancestors that would help defeat this upcoming apocalypse.

Since I had been the one to destroy the Tribunal's source of god-like powers at Red Mountain, I could understand that the Tribunal was losing their powers, but honestly: The Gates of Oblivion opening up? Really!

This guy was certifiable.


I arrived at the Temple and immediately gave my information to Almalexia.

I told her about the cult, about how they felt that with the Heart of Lorkhan destroyed, that the Tribunal was losing their powers, and were on the wane.

Being the living goddesses she was, naturally she accepted the information with quiet dignity and grace.


Did I say quiet dignity and grace??? The room shook with her outburst.

"THEY WOULD DARE???" she responded.

I just stood there, wondering just how quickly I could make it to the door.

"So, the Tribunal has lost its power, has it?" she continued. "These fools would dare question Almalexia's power, here in her city! I will give them a lesson in power, Eldorf Dragonmeal, and you will be my agent."

She made a motion with her hands and produced an item of Dwemer origin.

"These fools must be reminded of the true power of a god." she continued. "Since the attack on the city, much of my own power has been spent caring for my people. The number of wounded has been astronomical, and caring for them all has been taxing to even me. Still, I must demonstrate to these people what it is to mock the will of a god."

Her gaze turned to me in a stern fashion, and she continued, "You will travel to the ruins of Bamz-Amschend and activate the Karstangz-Bcharn."

"Uh, the what?" I asked, giving her a completely blank stare.

"Karstangz-Bcharn." she repeated. "Loosely translated: The Weather Witch. At its height, the Dwemer civilization was masterful in the use of machinery. In a time of drought, Dwemer scholars were commissioned to create a machine that would bring rain to their lands. They created the Karstangz-Bcharn. Its existence was little more than a myth until recently, when the ruins opened beneath my city. I wish for you to activate the machine, make it to create ashstorms in Mournhold. Then, these heretics will know the power of Almalexia!"

"Ashstorms." I said, "Here, in Mournhold?"

She nodded. "That's correct." she added. "While these storms may be common on the island of Vvardenfell, they do not occur here, so far removed from the Red Mountain. Now, though, they will, and these heretics will understand the power of the Tribunal. The power of Almalexia!"

She handed the Dwemer device to me. It was a powered Dwemer Coherer.

"Take this." she said, Use it to activate the machine. You will have to divine its workings on your own, but I believe you are up to the task."


Quietly, I took the Dwemer device and headed back to the Plaza, and the hole under the statue.

I had no idea of how I was going to pull this one off. I had a very strong desire to use the return scroll, head back to Solstheim Castle, and forget this mess.

Still, I wanted to see this device for myself. Also, doing this task just might put and end to this End of Times cult.

I headed back down the ladder to the Dwemer base I had just investigated and cleaned out.


I didn't need to fear anything in these hallways now, since I had already gotten rid of these centurions guarding it.

I checked and re-checked the rooms I had been in earlier, looking for a door that I might have missed, a chamber with a hidden entrance in it, but there was no such thing to be found.

I finally made my way back to the dead-end I had stopped at before.


I carefully checked the rocks, and through one of the cracks, noticed a breeze of air was flowing through.

Looking through the crack, I could see a door behind the rocks. That had to be the way to the object I needed to activate.

But how to get through these rocks?





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