I pulled at the rocks for a while, but they wouldn't budge at all.

As I pulled on one of the rocks, one of the satchels I had fell to the floor. I looked at it, picked it up, and decided to give this item a closer look.

It had an odd smell, and there was a small cord attached to it. The smell reminded me of my alchemy lab back at the castle.

On a hunch, I placed the satchel in the rockpile, in a place where I hoped it would do some damage.

Once I had the satchel in place, I pulled the cord. Nothing happened. I gave it a harder tug. Suddenly, there was a hissing noise, like that of a snake, and there was a small cloud of vapor coming from the satchel. I figured this would be a good time to make a hasty retreat and see what this thing did.


Five seconds after pulling on the cord, the satchel exploded in a brilliant shower of flame and sparks.

Had I been much closer than this, the blast would have killed me.

This was no magical effect - this was very different from anything I had ever experienced. 


The blast spread out for a few feet, with rocks and debris flying everywhere, bouncing off the walls and ceiling.


After the smoke cleared, I checked the wall, and found that there was now a hole in the rocks.

It wasn't very big, but at least it was big enough to crawl through.


I crawled through the hole into the new chamber. The hall was dimly lit, and the air was musty from so many years of being behind a rockslide. I could hear Dwemer machines clanking just up ahead, so I used the Amulet of Shadows to try sneaking past them.


I encountered a few centurion spheres along the way. They never saw me before I hit them with the spell from the Ring of Leaches. It seemed to do really well on these machines.


After finding and destroying several Dwemer centurion spheres, I finally came to a door that indicated it lead to a chamber referred to as "King's Walk".


Inside this chamber, there were two hardened centurion machines. It took a number of shots from several Rings of Leaches, but I finally managed to destroy them.

In the room, I found a number of benches and tables, work items scattered about the room, and piles of ash where the Dwemer had vanished so many thousands of years ago.


I found another door at the end of the room, and inside there were two more hardened centurion spheres.

Much more advanced than the others, they managed to detect me even before I opened the door.

I used up the last two Rings of Leaches I had to put them down.

I wasn't sure if I should rest for a short while, and give the rings a chance to re-charge, but I figured I had other spells I could use until the rings were ready for use again.


After checking the chamber for anything useful (and finding nothing I needed or could carry), I made my way past the now destroyed Dwemer centurion spheres, determined to get this job finished.

















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