In the next chamber, all I could hear was the sound of rushing water.

I checked for dangerous creatures guarding this chamber, but the only thing to be found here was a few fallen pillars and a huge waterfall coming from a break in the ceiling.


I looked around the room for anything useful in my quest, but the only thing there was the waterfall, and a huge door at the other end of the hallway. The door was apparently marked "Skybreak Gallery". There were so many oddly-named rooms, it was hard to see if this was the place I was looking for, or if it was just another hallway.


As quietly as it would allow, I slowly opened the rusty old door and closed it gently behind me.

I had to fight the strong current of a powerful waterfall before me. Just past the curtain of water, I saw the prize of this odd quest.


This was the thing I was searching for: The Water Witch.

The thing was huge, towering over me with huge needle-like spires.

It appeared to be connected to everything, and at the same time, connected to nothing, deciding its own fate, save for a few levers to guide it's operation on the far side of the huge metal cap in the middle of its structure.


Suddenly, in the dim light, I could make out two centurion machines guarding this weather witch. Instantly, I used the Amulet of Shadows and went into stealth mode. I did not come this far to be stopped now by two old machines.


The Leach rings I had brought with me were still not fully charged, but I did have Dracula's Ring. The centurion sphere was poised on one of the spokes taking a look around, unaware of my presence. Taking careful aim, I let the machine have it with one blast of the ring after another.

After six hits, the machine finally died. That's when I heard the Steam Centurion coming to investigate all this noise.


The Dracula's Ring I had used was nearly out of charge from it's recent use. Deciding to use a different method, I used Aryon's Helper, one of the enchanted gloves Master Aryon had given to me. Instantly, several summoned creatures came and stood before me. Using the spell of Lightening Storm, I hit the Steam Centurion in the distance. Once the spell struck the machine, my summoned creatures ran to the attack. Just to be on the safe side, I added a few more summoned creatures. They all willingly joined in the battle, and the Steam Centurion finally fell in pieces on the floor.


As each of their summoning spells wore off, each of the creatures I had brought forth faded back into Oblivion.

Now, it was just a matter of finding out how to work this odd machine.


After circling the central point, I found what appeared to be a socket for the powered device that Almalexia had given me.

There was only one obvious was to hook it into the central post, and as soon as I put it in place, the device gave a soft glow. I could now feel the machine humming, sounding almost like an animal growling gently in the night.


The only controls for this device were three huge levers on a small ledge. Across from me, on the huge wall, was a portrait of what looked like scenes from Vvardenfell.

Since there were no instructions (and we men don't bother with such trivial things anyway), I decided to give one of the levers a pull.

The panel on the wall across from me, began to cycle through one image after another, and suddenly I could hear thunder, and rainfall.


I put the lever back into it's original position, and tried the middle lever. It sounded like a blizzard, so I returned that one to it's original position as well.

I finally gave the third lever a pull.


I could hear the sound of wind coming from everywhere, and the panel shifted to an image of Red Mountain. The meaning was obvious, and I figured I had pulled the correct lever.

Of course, the only way to be sure was to head back up to the surface.


I returned to the surface, and sure enough, the beautiful day had been changed to a raging ashstorm.


"How do you like the weather?" I asked of a passing guard.

"It's unusual, but nothing you need to be concerned about, citizen. Now, move along." was his only reply.

Now, it was time to report back to Almalexia, and find out just how long this ashstorm was supposed to last.









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