Yagak gro-Gluk had sent me into Bamz-Amschend to find the papers of Radac Stungnthumz. If I could find them, Yagak said he might be able to enchant my blade.

I had made my way down into this ancient Dwemer fortress, finding the dead machines from my last mission here for scrap metal. Deeper still, however, the machines from my first trip there had repaired themselves. I encountered a number of sphere centurions and spider-bots. I was going through Leach rings like water. Those rings do a lot of damage to the target, but are only good for a few shots at a time. Thank goodness they don't take long to re-charge.


I found myself approaching the first rockslide, where I had to use an explosive device to get to the other side. I had searched every room I could find, going through containers, chests, and desks, and still, nothing that would even begin to appear to be anything useful. There were several blank pieces of paper, but that was about it.

I checked out yet another workshop. I had been there before - there was a huge, partially completed robot in the room. As I entered, there was some sort of motion that caught my eye.

Thinking it might be another Dwemer machine, I made myself ready to attack. Suddenly, I could see what it was. A Dwemer ghost. Yet, it didn't attack me, as they often do.


Since the ghost didn't attack, I decided to see if this spirit could help me in my mission.

"Spirit!" I shouted, "What is your name?"

"I am Radac Stungnthumz." he replied, "What are you doing down here? Leave an old spirit to his haunts!"

"I needed to talk to a Dwemer Mystic." I replied. "I am attempting to add fire to this blade." I drew the weapon for him. He recognized it, smiling, knowing it was the work of his people.


"You want to talk to a Dwemer mystic?" he shouted back. "HA!" He laughed so loud the echoed off the walls of the room. A moment later, he composed himself. "Look, I'm no mystic." he said. "I wasn't when I was alive, either. I'm a soldier, kid, plain and simple. Sure, I made weapons for my troops. No secret there. I'm no mystic, though. But you say you want to add fire to that blade?"

"Yes, that is exactly what needs to be done." I replied.

"Well, if that's all you want to do!" he said, chuckling, "You don't need a mystic, whelp. I can take care of that for you. We'll need some Pyroil Tar, though. Used to have some around here, but that was a long time ago. You can find it in the lower caves of Norenen-dur, in the Citadel of Myn Dhrur. It's an old ruin far beneath Bamz-Amschend."

He turned, and shook his head. "I swear," he continued, "no one is happy with a simple blade that cleaves bone...always need the special effects."

"Well, it was called 'Trueflame' when it was first made." I said. "It wouldn't be that without the flame, wouldn't it?"

"I suppose not." he replied.

"By the way," I asked, "What is Pyroil Tar?"

He smiled at my ignorance. "Just a little something to apply to that blade of yours." he said. "Fine looking blade, by the way. Should give you that 'fiery blade' effect that everyone has always been so fond of."

"Where will I find this Myn Dhrur place?" I asked.

"Deep, deep caves." came the reply. "An old Daedric ruin. Fool Dunmer...worshipping those beasts. I say kill 'em all! Used to be a good spot for all sorts of resources, though. Of course, that was when there were any of us left who needed them!"

"How do I get there?" I asked.

"You can find the place through a cave-in at the Passage of the Walker." he replied. "Take care down there, youngster. No telling what you may run into. You might discover a new way to die. That'd be something, at least. You should be able to find some Pyroil Tar, though. Bring that back to me."


I made my way down to the first cave in, locating the hole I had made with the first satchel on my quest to work the weather machine for Almalexia.

Knowing that the machines this deep had repaired themselves, I made a spell or two ready, in case these other machines were also repaired.


Once on the other side of the cave-in, it only took a matter of moments before I encountered the first Dwemer sphere. It shot off a few darts at me, but I responded with God's Fire, destroying the machine within moments.


One machine after the other fell before the spell of God's Fire. I made my way deeper into the hallways, looking for the cave-in that would lead me to the item I needed.


I found the cave-in that I had been told about, and could see a small opening behind the rocks.

I still had two of the Dwemer satchels left. Knowing their explosive power, I placed it carefully under what looked like the most lose rocks in the bunch.

I pulled the cord, and heard the familiar hissing sound of things mixing together that should never be mixed together.

I ran a few feet back, and up a ramp to be out of the way.


Five seconds later, the satchel exploded, throwing rocks everywhere.


Pushing aside some of the loose rocks, I found a crawl space just big enough for me to get through.

All I had to do now was get in and out of there alive.

















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