I found myself in a long cavern, half-filled with water. As quietly as possible, I made my way down to what turned out to be a fire burning in a pyre.

After carefully checking everything out, I found there was no one in the area. There were three directions to go. I tried one to the left, but it turned into a dead-end.

I decided to go for the one straight ahead.


Cautiously, I approached a very large door. As I crept closer, a terrifying thought ran through my mind.

Laurenna would KILL me if she knew I was running through these kinds of places in my good robe.

I really wish I had changed before coming down here. Then again, I was originally just looking for some papers, right? Oh well.


I crept up to the door, not hearing anything at all from the other side of it.


What was on the other side of the door was a very quiet Ogrim Titan, and two Dremoras. I quickly fired up a Wall of Fire in the doorway, but the Dremoras got through before the spell could take effect.

Dracula's Ring took care of them, restoring my life with their own. As the Dremoras fell, I looked up and saw the Ogrim, trying to fight his way through the Wall of Fire spell, and not understanding that it was killing him.


The Ogrim finally fell dead on his back, and the Wall of Fire spell finally dissapated. Quietly, I steped over the monster's body, into the next chamber. Even with the Belt of Night Eye, it was hard to see anything in this place.


Further down the hallway, two clanfear creatures ran to attack. God's Frost put them down quickly. Checking out the chamber they were guarding, I was very disappointed - there was nothing there!!


Frustrated, I turned back to the central nexus point, and decided to try yet another passage.























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