As I entered the next chamber, I immediately hit the Amulet of Shadows. Just below me there were a large number of Antroch, both frost and storm, as well as several golden saints.

This would not be a good place to have a battle. Stealth would work better here.


I passed right next to a storm Antroch. It noticed the waves in the water caused by my passage, but didn't have the intelligence to figure out what was causing the disturbance.


Using my enchanted boots, I jumped up to one of the pyres, and let the spell from the Amulet of Shadows wear off. As soon as they saw me, every creature in the room turned to attack. I shot off a few spells of my own, and managed to kill off the storm Antroch, as well as the golden saints.


The enchanted boots let me "slow fall" down to the ground, where I surveyed the damage.

No danger in this room any longer.


There was one more ancestor ghost in the room, and it's attack was met with another God's Fire spell, sending it back to Oblivion.

Once that was over, I noticed a set of stairs leading up to another door. I decided to investigate.

It turned out that the door lead to the Citadel of Myn Dhrur. I was very close to my goal.


The Amulet of Shadows helped me once again, letting me get into a good position for this battle. A Hunger and Winged Twilight to my left, and two Golden Saints to my right.

Wall of Fire spells all around. As soon as the shadow spell wore off, all four of the creatures attacked, bashing into the wall of fire, but not seeing it from their side.

Suddenly, a Demora that I hadn't seen earlier, charged to the attack. Fighting his way through the wall of fire, he drew his sword for a direct attack.


Properly provoked, any of these creatures can managed to fight their way through the wall of fire, but rarely do they get through so quickly.

This Demora did, however, and it was my Ring of Weapons that saved me from disaster.

The wall of fire spell had drained him of nearly all of his life force, so it only took one swing of my broadsword to send him to Oblivion.

This Demora had a name as well: Khash-Ti Dhrur. Once dead, I checked the remains, and there, along with his weapon, was something I needed very badly: Pyroil Tar.


Khash-Ti Dhrur apparently enjoyed his place here. It was set up like an actual throne room. Who could he possibly rule, however, except odd creatures? Why go through the trouble, I thought.


It took me nearly 20 minutes to find my way back through the passages and into the Dwemer hallways. I thought I'd gotten completely lost and have to use an invention spell, but I found the doorway first.

After that, it was a simple matter to find Radac, floating around the room with the huge robot.

"You find that Pyroil Tar yet?" he asked.

"I believe this is the stuff you're looking for." I replied, holding the goop in my hands.    


"Ah...that's the stuff." he said. "Here. I'll do this. Give me the tar and sword."

I took out the sword and it floated out of my hand. The tar did the same.

For a moment, they just held there, floating in the middle of the room. Then the two items came together, the tar melding with the blade in some ancient, magickal way that only the Dwemer knew.


The blade began to spin the mid-air, the tar covering it, and the blade began to glow.

Suddenly, it fell to the floor.

I picked it up, and the blade burst into flame.

"There." he said, "There's your sword. Not a bad looking blade, actually. Good luck to you, youngster. Now, leave this old dwarf alone!!"

How could I refuse such a simple request?


I made my way back to the surface. There was definitely one person I wanted to show this weapon to before reporting back to Almalexia.


The Curator of the Museum of Ancient Artifacts was definitely amazed by this item.

"Oh my!" she exclaimed. "I don't suppose you'd care to donate this to the Museum?"

"Sorry, no." I replied. "This was requested directly by Almalexia herself. I will bring it to her."

"I understand." she said. "Perhaps one day in the future."

"Perhaps." I replied.

I returned to my quarters to rest up, as it was quite late. Tomorrow, Almalexia would see the blade reforged once again. And who knows where that would lead?











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