Part 4

I switched the lever, waiting for the Wall of Fire spell to die. As expected, the door opened up and another long-neck machine came out, but this time, the door stayed open.


There was a number of long-neck Fabricants in the chamber. Trueflame put each of them down in seconds.

At the other end of the manufacturing room was another door, this one leading to the Hall of Sallaemu.


As I entered the next chamber, I decided it would be wise to use the Amulet of Shadows once again. I could hear more Fabricant machines nearby.

Again, the shower of sparks coming from devices in the ceiling made it hard to see up ahead, but I could hear one of those hulking Fabricants coming in my direction.


Two machines, both with the nasty fangs and sharp tail. Rather than battle directly with them, I set up several Wall of Fire spells, and let the spell from the Amulet of Shadows wear off. Once the machines could see me, they attacked, but the Wall of Fire spells killed them before I could come to any harm at all.

From here, it was on to the Dome of Udok.


There was only one Fabricant wanting for me in this chamber, and a spell of God's Fire quickly ended it's life.

The big problem, however, was getting to the next door without being turned into a flaming pile of burned flesh.


The ledge I was standing on only went half-way around the room. Below me, at 8,000 degrees, was a pool of lava that someone had thoughtfully left for me to appreciate. On the far side of the room appeared to be a mechanical device, and there looked like there was a door behind it.


Several times, and against all hope, I tried to cast a levitation spell, but it was just no good.

The same magic that prevented levitation from working in Mournhold was at work here as well.

There was only one person that didn't seem to like levitation that I knew of, but.....no, it couldn't possibly be Almalexia.

I would have to find another way across the pool of liquid hot magma.


On the right-hand side of the ledge, I noticed a lever. Since everything here seemed to be mechanical in nature, I decided to give it a pull and see what happened. The lever didn't want to move, but I gave it a pretty hard tug, and it finally gave way to my wishes.

Hoping that it didn't drop the ledge into the lava, the lever started to twist and turn.

Suddenly, a bridge began to form out of walls within the dome itself.


Why not just leave the bridge in place? I guess that Sotha Sil really liked the way the machines put it all together so efficiently.

I crossed the bridge, and headed into the Hall of Meleitho for the next set of monsters.


A number of both hulking and long-neck Fabricants were patrolling the hall, so once again, the Amulet of Shadows and the Wall of Fire were both called into play.


Once the machines in this hall were finished off, I headed to the next door.

This was marked "Dome of the Imperfect."

Imperfect what?

Hopefully, nothing dangerous. Oh, who am I kidding?

Taking a deep breath, I pushed the door open and headed in to see who was imperfect.















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